Introducing: NEW Stuffed Puffs Filled Marshmallows

I have discovered a real game changer in the world of s'mores. Introducing new Stuffed Puffs. The marshmallows filled with real chocolate inside. 

Samples have been provided for promotional purposes. See my Privacy Policy for full disclosure and more.

When a rep came to me about stuffed marshmallows, I was like "Whaaaaat?! I'll give them a go!" and I was pretty excited about this. They sent me this fun s'mores kit because these marshmallows are filled with real chocolate which makes them absolutely perfect for s'mores. So yes, summer is almost over and most people retire the s'mores making for the season. Not I! We roast marshmallows over a fire in the fall, too right along side hot cocoa. But I don't stop there. I'm s'mores obsessed, so I even roast marshmallows over my stove when I get that craving for them in the snowy, cold, and rainy months. 

The chocolate in these is impressive and delicious. I thought it would just be a little smidge of it, but it ended up taking up quite a bit of the marshmallow. There was a nice choco to mallow ratio going on. Straight out of the bag, they are delicious, but toasted kicks them up a notch because it melts the chocolate inside the marshmallow, and also seems to help keep the marshmallow on the roasting sticks a bit better in my opinion. 

Chocolate bars on s'mores can make eating them kind of difficult if they aren't already starting to melt because they are hard. When the chocolate is inside the marshmallow, it melts right along with it for the most perfect s'more you will ever eat in your life. The only thing that may make this better, is if they release ones with chocolate and peanut butter stuffed inside. Whoa buddy! 

Pick up Stuffed Puffs at Walmart and check out the Stuffed Puffs site for delicious recipes


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