Highlights Summer Big Fun Workbook

Summer may almost be over, and back-to-school time is approaching (or is already here for some), but anytime of the year is a good time to supplement your child's education and keep them learning while also having fun. 

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Highlights Summer Fun Workbook isn't just for Summer. These make great additions to homeschool curriculum or a fantastic way to help them with the things they are learning in the public classroom. 

Both of my kiddos are currently in public school, however I've always worked with them at home on a lot of things. Both kids love to learn, especially my 7 year old son who was recently accepted into the gifted program at his school. So I like to think I might actually be doing something right! 

These full color workbooks feature fun illustrations and subjects such as reading, writing, math, and even some aspects of science, plus plenty more. 

I also really love that there are some hands on experiments and such in this book as well. Sometimes kids learn better through hands on learning rather than verbal direction. I remember growing seeds when I was in elementary school, and that's one of the experiments (complete with questions) in the workbook. This project was done with both of my kids when they were in the school classroom, but we took the opportunity to expand on that and during the spring and summer both kids love helping plant, water, grow, and harvest our garden. Everything can be a fun teaching experience if you go about it the right way. 

Of course, there is an answer key in the back of the book. If you wish for your child to work on these to the best of their ability without the temptation to peek at the answers, they can be ripped out and kept separately. 

There is a congratulatory reward certificate in the back once your child has completed the workbook, as well as a pull out progress tracker and stickers. Stickers and certificates are always fun rewards that children look forward to collecting and it's great that they added those. 

Highlights Workbooks cover preschool to second grade and are available HERE.

Highlights is a 2019 featured Gift Guide brand. 


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