Here's Why Married Couples Need To Make Time For Date Night

Dating doesn't have to stop after you have finally put a ring on each other's finger. You should still make time to date your partner after marriage, no matter how busy your lives have become with family and work commitments.

So, put a ring around dates on your calendar for date night. And with your partner, make a plan, whether it's to stay at home with a date-night-in box, or to visit those places where you can rekindle those romantic feelings. 

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Here are the reasons why you should.

#1: Date night will give you a chance to grow closer

Especially when you have kids, your lives will get busier. You will spend less time alone together, as you will always have one of your little ones getting in the way of your attempts at romance. Hire a babysitter then, and take the time you have available to spend time in each other's company. And when you're together, forget about conversations related to your kids, or your house, or what your neighbors are up to. Forget about your smartphones and your inclination to check social media. Instead, focus on one another, and rekindle your romance in whatever way is applicable to you. Your relationship will then grow stronger as a result.

#2: Date night will allow you to communicate with one another

Building communication with your partner is important, but this can be difficult when you don't get time to talk during the day. However, by taking time out of your busy schedules for date night, you will have the opportunity to get to know each other better and have the chance to work through any misunderstandings before any hidden resentments necessitate the need for a relationship counselor. This is also your opportunity to communicate your love to one another, be that verbally with whatever romantic words you can muster, or non-verbally, through touch and eye contact to signify your feelings.

#3: Date night will give you a break from your daily stresses

There's not a lot of time for romance when you're worrying about the kids, or dealing with the influx of bills that fall through your mailbox. You won't get many opportunities to spend time with your loved one when you're both caught up in your patterns of work. This is why date night is important, as you will both have the opportunity to take a breather from your usual stresses in life, and have more opportunities for fun, laughter, and just plain old chilling out!

#4: Date night will benefit your children

Not only will your kids have the opportunity to hang out with a (hopefully) fun babysitter for the evening, but they will also have the opportunity to have a better time with mom and dad when you're both feeling less stressed and grumpy after taking time out to be with each other on date night. In the end then, everybody wins! So, if one of your excuses for not having a date night is because of the needs of your children, remember that you will actually be doing them a favor if you decide to leave them in the care of a responsible other for an evening.

So, when did you last go on date night? If you haven't taken the opportunity recently, perhaps now is the time that you did. You will benefit in all of the ways that we have suggested here, so figure out a time for it to happen, and make it a habit to further increase your chances of a happy and loving relationship.


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