Creative Corner: Sew Your Own Unicorn Cake Pillow From Klutz

Unicorns are really popular, especially with my soon to be 13 year old daughter. She even asked for a unicorn themed birthday party this year. She's also getting into more advanced creative skills, so I the Unicorn Cake Pillow Kit from Klutz is the perfect gift. 

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This incredibly adorable sew your own pillow kit comes with everything you need to create your own unicorn cake pillow. This kit also includes an easy to follow instruction booklet which makes this project great for beginners. 

I'm pretty adamant on teaching my children basic life skills at early ages. They already know how to cook and bake some things, we teach gardening and harvesting, and I think at my daughter's age it's a great time to introduce sewing skills. It was right around her age that I made a "bug in a jar" pillow in home economics class. That pillow pattern, while cute, is a bit outdated. So this unicorn pillow is a great upgrade to that. 

They provide a lot of different elements to design and create your unicorn cake pillow how you want. Add lots of flowers and pom-poms, or none at all. And if you have felt, flowers, pom-poms, or anything else at home that you want to add to it, go for it! 

This pillow cake also comes with a cardboard display "plate", but you can pick up a cute, cheap cake stand if you would like to display it that way. You could even make your own cake stand by spray painting a plate and candle holder and hot gluing them together. I mean, if we are getting creative, lets go all out, right?!

Klutz Sew Your Own Unicorn Cake Pillow is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Nobel stores. 

Klutz is a 2019 featured Gift Guide brand. 


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