August Adore Box Reveal

Do you love surprise makeup and makeup accessories arriving on your doorstep each month? Then you should try out Adore Box!

Samples have been provided for promotional purposes. See my Privacy Policy for full disclosure and more.

I am one of those people who use to do my makeup every single day. At one point, though, I stopped that and only did my makeup on weekend or if I was going somewhere (sometimes not even then). I felt I was just too busy to deal with it all. However, now that both of my kids are back in school, I have started doing my makeup more often again. Some days I have a spur of the moment decision to go for a walk, go out to lunch, or visit a few shops downtown for a bit of "me time". The thing is, I am kind of stuck in my ways. I always use to buy the same three or four brands of makeup and I tend to stick with the same color hues and palettes. I need to get out of that, because there are so many great brands and colors I could be giving a chance.

I recently became an ambassador for Adore Box, and I'm hoping it helps force me to try new brands and colors of cosmetics. Things I wouldn't typically buy myself that I may just like. My first "box" came, and I use the word box in quotations because it's actually more of an envelope than a box. To be honest, I like this way better. You aren't paying for box and filler this way. You are paying for the items. As I said, this is my first shipment, but so far, the value of the items is worth the price of the box. 

The August Adore Box had a nice selection of items. I really love the false lashes as I've been wearing them a lot more than I usually do. Previously I only wore false lashes when I was doing photoshoots or during special events where I wear dramatic makeup. However, I really like how easy they are to apply so I've started using them more often. I also always welcome new lippies and liners! The brush I ended up giving to my daughter because I just have way too many Kabuki brushes, and I just never use lash applicators. My tweezers seem to work better for me. 

The full rundown:

Crown Brush Small Pro Kabuki - $12
Kasina Strip Eyelashes - $11
Eyelash Applicator - $3.99
J Cat Roll It Up Eyeliner - $2.99
City Color City Chic Lipstick - $9.99

Item total: $39.97
Month to Month Box subscription price: $15+ Free shipping

So obviously overall, the price is definitely right. And you don't get just cosmetics and accessories in these. At sign up, they ask you for shirt size so there's much more to these beauty and lifestyle boxes. 

My look for this month's products was pretty simple. I used the lashes and lippie (which is a brighter pink than I usually wear, but it's nice). For the liner, I lined my bottom lashes with it, and then used it as a base on my outer lid corner and just went over it with a similar shade of green powdered shadow. Since it's almost autumn (my favorite time of year), I blended the green into a light orange on the lid. The liner goes on nice and smooth, which I love. As someone who's use to more of a brush tip liquid liner for precision, I found it does make it a bit harder to get that fine tip at the end of a winged line, so I think I'll mostly use this for under-eye lining. 

New subs get 50% off your first box with code HALFOFF at


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