A Gaming Room - The Ultimate In Fun?

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Spending the evening playing games is a dream come true for many of us. You can unwind and let the stress of the day leave you. And it doesn’t really matter the type of games you are into, you can spend hours building blocks and areas on Minecraft, or perhaps Zelda’s problem solving and adventure style is more your speed. The thing is gaming extends to ping pong, monopoly and even darts.

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A gaming room is not just about the electronics, there can be so much more to it. So if you are thinking about turning your basement or spare room into a gaming room then here are some ideas for you.

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It might be you, or it might be the kids that spend the most time in they’re playing, either way, it makes sense to put some cash into making your furniture as comfortable as possible. Gaming chairs are ergonomically designed to be sat in for very many hours. Bean bags also make an excellent addition for those long hours laying on the floor playing scrabble.

If you have your TV affixed to the wall, then you have a lot of space underneath to store games, consoles and hide away those wires. Invest in sturdier cabinets because they will last much longer and you are looking to protect all of your electronics too.

More permanent gaming furniture like pinball fx tables, pool tables and other should be worked into your plans straight away. They will need space around them for people to move freely too.

Always remember that game rooms are really high traffic, so extra seating is always a plus. 


Due to the number of people that will be in the room, so often the carpet will get worn down, and probably start holding on to smells. Laminate or wood flooring is easy to clean and can handle spillage and crisp crumbs. So think about protecting your investment long term. 


The noise from racing cars coming through the speakers and competitive cheering and shouts can travel pretty quickly and loudly. Soundproofing for the wall looks cool and will put a stop to that. Of course, it always pays to have a pile of headphones available or remind people to bring their own too.
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It is essential to have a scoreboard so you can keep track of who won the last Mario Kart match. You might skip something that will fall down, you might consider using chalkboard paint on the wall.

A fold-up ping pong table is something that is a lot of fun, and since it folds down, it can be stored away until you want it again.

A gaming space is a very communal area, where all members of the family - and their friends can come and relax. Spending time doing things that you enjoy, together in a space that you have created and the best thing about it is, unlike most arcades, it’s free to play!


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