You Should Start Your Own Business Now

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There's is no specific type of person that can or should become an entrepreneur. Some say you have to give all of your time and energy to run your own business. And others might comment that you need years of experience in a particular field before you can even think about running a business. But this isn't true. There is no one size fits all traits for what defines a great business person, because everyone is different. 

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The person who runs Nike isn't like the person who launched Mcdonalds, so your negative outlook needs to stop! And now that's out the way, here are some reasons why you should start your company. Not tomorrow, or next week, but now!

Working 7 to 7

Because if we're honest, our working hour's spill way over what we're actually assigned to do, which is already usually a straight cut 9-5 job. For people who can't stand the idea of being in the same workspace for the rest of their lives for hours and hours per day, starting a business and developing your own working schedule is where your life should be heading.

You Can Do It Better

Sometimes it's arrogance, sometimes it's the truth, but you can't deny that when engaging with businesses from time to time you become critical and disappointed about the way things are ran. You have an extrasensory perception of what's deemed professional customer service, excellent service, and products, and you think, in fact you know, you can do their business better than them. So prove it, and do it.

Bootstrap It

It's not always necessary to save loads of money or apply for a loan to start a business. There are plenty of opportunities out there to start up a company with little to no overheads, especially on the internet. Think freelancing roles you can start for free, where you can advertise your skills to businesses online and set your rate to provide a service to them. Whether you're great at telesales, website design or bookkeeping, there isn't much that you can't do online anymore. The primary resources you usually need are a laptop, mobile, and an internet connection.

New Diverse Skills

Alongside the money aspect and the feel-good factor you get from initiating a start-up, you will also get the opportunity to learn new skills. From sourcing businesses premises, boosting your business’s marketing strategy liaising with investors and suppliers to haggling for new products. A significant benefit of starting your own company is that you get to learn loads of cool new stuff. 


For some, you already have a business idea in mind that you've been dancing around for years. Maybe you haven't had the time to put it into action, but the truth is, there will never be a perfect time to set up your company. If it’s launching a churro stand, a beauty salon or the best senior care franchise, to wait for days, years or months to begin is preempting that you will definitely have time in the future to do it, which isn't always the case. And so, if you have a dream business idea, start chipping away at it now!

Setting up your own business is so much more than earning a profit. It's about creating a life that works for you, being your own boss and working on your own terms. Working for someone else has its perks, such as holidays and pensions, but it can also be quite restrictive in terms of what you can and can't do and how far you can progress. With so many reasons to start your own business, what are you waiting for?


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