Proven Ways To Relieve Stress For The Whole Family

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It isn't just adults that suffer with stress. Kids suffer too - seriously. School is getting stricter and they are required to do more exams than ever before. Plus, when parents feel stressed, kids pick up on it. Overall, this can make for one extremely stressed out family! 

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As stress in kids can manifest itself in many ways - headaches, tummy aches, lack of energy, change in appetite, temper tantrums, and more, it’s important to know how you can alleviate it. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the proven ways to relieve stress for the whole family.

Go For A Walk

Walking, or any kind of exercise for that matter, has a great way of increasing endorphins (the body’s happy hormones) and reducing the hormones that contribute to stress. A walk is a really easy way of getting out of the house, improving health and fitness, and getting exercise. You should feel less stressed almost immediately afterwards. You could also try swimming, biking, or any other kind of exercise you fancy. Just stay active!

Get Crafty

Creating things is great for those families with active imaginations, and these types of activities are great for kids who need to express themselves freely. You could sew, paint, draw, write, color, make finger puppets, or do something else. There are a ton of suggestions and tutorials online so that you can all make something awesome and have fun while you do it. Creating is something that everybody can get lost in and forget about the worries of the day.


Play A Game

How about playing a game? While too much gaming can be a bad idea, a short amount of time gaming each day has been proven to reduce stress. You could all play on the Nintendo Switch or Xbox, or even just play a game online. Runescape is a popular online game, and many people have bought it here to play with their kids. However, games like Super Mario are still very popular, and then there are new games like Zelda and even Trivial Pursuit! There’s something for every type of family!


Gardening gets you outdoors breathing in the fresh air and enjoying nature. Planting flowers, watering plants, and generally caring for a garden can be hugely beneficial to the mental health and wellbeing of the whole family. Plus, you’ll be teaching your kids skills that they can use for life.


You just can’t beat reading and getting lost in an amazing story. You could all read a book together, or get cosy and read your own books separately, whatever you prefer. There’s no joy quite like actually reading a book out loud to your kids, and you’ll probably find that they don’t forget it. Many people look back on these times as fond memories as adults.


Why not get into the habit of meditation with your kids while they are young? Meditation is a wonderful habit for controlling breathing, feeling more relaxed, unleashing more creativity, managing emotions, and so much more. Try it together!


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