I'm Taking The Kids To Their First Escape Room

Escape rooms are all the range. Only five years ago, there were only 22 escape room companies in the US. Nowadays, experts count over 2,000 companies. With on average four rooms each, that is a lot of games to be played by enthusiastic escapists. You can be sure that if you’ve heard about escape rooms, your kids have too. They might even have friends who have played some of the local games and have been talking about their experience since. In other words, if you’re looking for a fun activity to do with the kids during the summer break, you should give in to their pleas and look up the best escape room near you. 

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A typical rule of thumb is that children over the age of eight are going to have the most fun out of those games. Young kids may not be able to maintain their mental focus for the duration of the standard game – 60 minutes. If you’re not an experienced escapist, these are the things you want to check ahead of booking a game.

Consider the set

Each escape company has a different approach to games. Some prefer a more traditional set with sturdy and low-tech equipment, for instance. Others rely a lot on tech gadgets to create an immersive atmosphere. There is no right or wrong in their different approaches. It depends on what your kids prefer. Additionally, if you’re playing a room that has been running for a few years, you’re better off with a low-tech decor as puzzles are less likely to be damaged. Ideally, you want the right balance of immersive technology and resilient manual puzzles for your kids’ first escape room experience. Typically, the company uses the FAQ section to describe their preferred approach to decor.

Yes, there are risks to research

Are escape rooms dangerous? Due to US health and safety regulations, American escape companies have to comply with strict safety standards, which means that at no time are the players fully locked into the room. There is always an emergency button or signal you can use to escape in case of emergency. The recent fire accident in a Polish escape room has encouraged escape room owners to introduce safety rules for their players. Typically, injuries that occur in an escape room are either caused by players not following the rules or by malfunctioning equipment. Players who endure cuts, bruises, or even fractures as a result of H&S faults from the company are rare – nevertheless, they can claim compensation with a dedicated personal injury attorney. The best way to find out about the potential risk factors in a room is to ask the owners directly.

Kid-friendly themes and puzzles

How do you choose a game that is suitable for kids? Many companies promote their children-friendly games openly. You can also find helpful advice on dedicated escape room forums – such as the Escape Room Enthusiasts group on Facebook where you can find fellow players to help you decide on the best game for your kids.

Planning an escape room game for new players can be daunting. If you’re worried about how the kids will react, you can suggest playing with them or inviting a few friends. However, you might want to stay away from scary themes, even if the kids are begging for a zombie game! Make their first experience fun and relaxed!


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