Funny Health: What Happens When We Slip And Fall


We humans like to brag about how we’re the only creature that can walk on two legs as our normal way of getting around. We have tremendous balance and the ability to do amazing acts of agility, acrobatics, sprintings and twists on the spot. It's true, we do have incredible bodies but that doesn't mean we’re impervious to looking silly. 

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Slipping and falling exposes how bizarre our bodies actually are. These long limbs, our height and sometimes disproportionate weight looks odd and maybe even funny sometimes. It's why we have a natural reaction to laugh as someone slips, because it's so out of the ordinary and shines a light on how frail we can be. However there are some interesting things that happen to us when this occurs which you should know about.


Quick as a cat

Little did you know that you possess the lightning reflexes of a cat. When we fall down our primal mapping in our brain activates. We spread out our limbs as quickly as far as possible. This is to spread our weight evenly so the impact is less hurtful. It's also to hopefully grab onto something and keep ourselves upright. Our center of gravity also gets lower, so we have a better chance at regaining our feet. The brain also reacts to the changing situation, so if we learn forward too much, we self-correct in a split second. It's amazing how all of this happen in hundredths of seconds.

The occasional freeze 

The fight or flight mechanism kicks in when we’re lost out footing and on our way down to the floor. Sometimes we do end up freezing like a rabbit in the headlights and we don’t have the best reaction. Inevitably, this usually happens when we have slipped at the least most predictable time. For example, when we’re out doing our grocery shopping and because there was no sign of a wet floor, we fell down as we walked over it. You shouldn’t feel too embarrassed because personal injury lawyers who are prepared to defend you will fight to award you as much compensation as possible to help pay for medical bills and possible time off work. We don’t all have the best reflexes and this can lead to us getting hurt whether we like it or not. Fortunately, there are after-the-fact methods or repair you can use.


Laugh or cry 

When we fall over, we immediately feel embarrassed, especially in public. Everyone just saw what happened and some can’t help but laugh. You have two options, either laugh at yourself and the situation or collapse inward and cry. Hopefully, you’ll choose to laugh because it could happen to anybody. People tend to sympathize more with you when you can laugh at yourself in embarrassing situations.

Most of us have great reflexes that show themselves from time to time. Slipping and falling on your behind is often avoided by quick reactions and spreading yourself wide as possible. However, if you do end up on the ground you should learn to laugh it off and hopefully not feel so embarrassed.


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