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If you turn on the television during the day or if you turn on a kids’ television channel at any time at all, then you will notice that there are many commercials that are aimed at children. 

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Nevertheless, there are evidently some commercials that are more successful than others. One major difference between a good commercial and a bad commercial can simply be the fact that the good advertisement has contained cartoon characters. Cartoons, such as Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry, work fantastically when contained in an advertisement. They give a commercial that show-stopping edge and can thus be the difference between one that is effective and one that is not. Read on to discover exactly why cartoon based commercials are more effective. 

They instantly capture children’s attention

One of the biggest problems with commercials today is the fact that they fail to capture children’s attention. This is one of the most difficult things to do with an advertisement; however it is the most important thing at the same time. There are many times when there is a commercial on television yet children do not notice because it has not done enough to captivate their attention. Having a commercial that features popular cartoon characters, such as The Powerpuff Girls, is a great way of doing so. As soon as the child’s favorite cartoon character comes onto the screen they will instantly be drawn to the television. Their attention will be kept until the end of the commercial and therefore you can guarantee the advertisement will have had the impact desired.

They create a since of loyalty with the viewer

When children watch cartoons they create a bond with what they see on the television screen. They view their favorite cartoon characters as their friends and thus a bond is created. Therefore, when an advertisement comes onto the television screen, they instantly create a loyal bond with the product too. This is because they view the product and the cartoon as one, and therefore the product instantly becomes an item they want to have. This means a product that otherwise would not interest several children does when it has someone such as Scooby Doo advertising it on television.

Cartoon advertisements can be used for positive messages

The effectiveness of cartoon based commercials has been established. Think of teenage girls today, who are their favorite idols? There is the likes of; Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and so on and so forth. This is the equivalent of the effect that different cartoons have on young children. This means that important messages can be delivered via popular cartoons so that they can have the desired effect. After all, not all commercials are about selling the latest toy or product. Therefore, through using a cartoon you can portray the importance of a healthy lifestyle, of sticking in at school and alike. Children are going to be much more likely to listen because the advertisements are associated with their favorite cartoons and cartoon characters. Alternatively, if there was someone on the television of little relevance to children putting across the message, it is very likely that kids would listen let alone absorb the pivotal information being given. 

When advertisements and commercials are thought up there is an extensive process that goes into deciding what will hit television screens. Nevertheless, when it comes to commercials aimed at children it is very easy to see that those containing cartoons are very beneficial. At the same time, though, advertisers can encourage spending amongst children and this can lead to app purchases and such like. This is why you need to download the best child phone tracker app so you can check what your child is up to.

Cartoons have progressed at a rapid pace. If you look at how cartoons were a hundred years ago and compare them to how they are now then you will see the monumental difference. However, what is also remarkable is how cartoons have branched into an array of mass media forms. The development of cartoons has extended much further than the fantastic graphic innovations and sound progressions we have witnessed on our screen. Nowadays, cartoons are central to the method of cross-marketing, meaning that this is a concept your children may understand better than you. 

What is cross marketing specifically?

Cross marketing revolves around using different platforms, different media mediums and different avenues of promotion in order to reap the most rewards possible. Branching out like this receives mass rewards because it gives business the capacity to reap profits through different avenues. Not only is this a benefit because it means that profit can be increased but it also lessens risk as well. The reason for this is because if one method of marketing fails then it is not as bad as it would be because there are many other forms of marketing that are still bringing in the positive outcomes. However, if you were to market via a mere one or two forms then this failure would leave you in a very sticky situation.

How do cartoons use cross marketing?

As mentioned earlier, cross marketing is heavily ingrained in cartoons and therefore your children may be much more likely to understand the concept better in comparison to you. Cartoons use cross marketing extensively nowadays. Cartoons have become very much more about the brand as a whole rather than simply the cartoon show. Nowadays popular cartoons will have the likes of cartoon games to be played on 10 inch tablets, products, films, books, food products, advertisements, magazines, newsletters, email campaigns, and so on and so forth, based around the show. This is what truly drives cartoons forward in the modern day. You may find that some people even prefer the cartoon games to the cartoon shows themselves for example. As mentioned in the definition section, this is what allows the maximization of revenue whilst also reducing the risk of anything going wrong. If all avenues mentioned were to succeed however the cartoon books were not doing very well then it would not be as big of a deal if the cartoon only had shows and books and nothing else.

Hopefully through reading this article you will have learnt a bit more about how cartoons utilize cross marketing methods. This has proved to be very successful for most and is likely to be a strategy we see implemented throughout a vast selection of companies in the modern day.


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