Canvas Factory: Turn Your Photos Into Display Pieces (GIVEAWAY)

Photos aren't much fun when they sit in boxes, on had drives, and in albums that no one really sees. They are taken and a lot of times, completely forgotten. Why not break out your favorites and turn them into art pieces to display on your walls?

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Canvas Factory allows you to turn your special moments into works of art that you can hang on your walls. Beautiful canvas wall art in various styles, designs, and sizes are waiting for you, all you have to do is upload your favorite photo.

Your canvas is stretched over a wooden frame, unlike a lot of other places that send you just the print and it's up to you to frame it.

The last canvas I got from them was a beautiful family photo that I gifted to my mom for mother's day and she absolutely loved it! This time around, I really wanted a photo of my "other family". I've been listening to Mushroomhead for about 19 years now and have not only become friends with a few of the band members, but they (and other fans) have all become family to me. There are very few group photos of the current members, but this is my favorite current one, so I really wanted to get a canvas print to hang with my show tickets, VIP lanyards, prints, and whatever else I end up accumulating in the future.

I was incredibly nervous about this one, because it means a lot to me for many reasons. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived, though, as it's perfect!

You have wrap options when it comes to your photo. You can choose to wrap the existing photo around the edges, mirror the image at the edges, or have the edges a solid color. I checked out different options, but ultimately ended up going with the mirrored image. The reason for this is because the overlay of the original photo made it hard to choose a solid color that would blend perfectly with the photo and the extended wrap would have cut off a lot of the photo. Mainly, parts of my friend's faces! So the mirroring was the best option in my particular case and I'm glad I went that route. 

The quality is very nice. I didn't lose any of the photo quality when they printed it onto the canvas and it came out pretty clear and clean. The best part is that once it showed up, I realized this gem would look amazing with their signatures on it in silver and gold, so that's my next step when I see them again to really personalize it. 

Shipping was a lot quicker than I expected, which is a bonus, because obviously I was incredibly anxious to get this. The overall process of choosing your photo (either from various social and photo sites, or an upload from your device), choosing your canvas size, and picking all your custom options is simple, quick, and 100% stress free. 

Now, you will need to know that when a photo is printed on canvas, it does darken a little. So when choosing your preferred photo, you will want to make sure it's clear, not too dark, and is the best quality you have. This will prevent pixelation upon resizing. 

Looking at this photo on my wall with my other merchandise and memorabilia, I know for sure my next order will be one of my VIP photos with the band or maybe have them all printed up on smaller canvases to display around this one. 

Since I love Canvas Factory so much, they allowed me to host a giveaway! This giveaway is for a 18"x12" canvas print of your very own with whatever photo you choose. 

*Giveaway open to US and Canada*


  1. i would do one with the dodgs i lost one of them have pic of him and his sister


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