Summer Science with Clifford The Big Red Dog: Animal Science Kit

Just because summer is here, doesn't mean the learning has to stop. My kiddos love learning, especially when it's fun. That's why we use pretty much every opportunity we can to learn about the world around us all year long. The Young Scientists Club's wide variety of science kits can keep your kiddos engaged and learning through out summer break and they will actually enjoy it! 

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The Young Scientists Club makes stupendous science kits for kids of all ages that can be used through out the year as supplemental learning projects that can be coupled with what they are already learning in school, used as homeschool learning tools, and even just as fun projects to keep your kids busy while also teaching them that science can be a ton of fun. 

They offer many kits tailed to various age groups and a lot of them feature popular characters such as The Magic School Bus and Clifford the Big Red Dog. They have school and group packs available, but you can also get the smaller at-home kits as well. 

We chose the Clifford the Big Red Dog Animal Science Kit, which is part of the Clifford science club for ages 3+.

These kits come with so much! There's enough here to keep your child engaged and learning all day long, or you can space them out through out a week, weekend, or lesson plan. 

The activities in this particular kit include: 
Making edible play dough, animal track cast, animal scavenger hunt, animal fossils, bug house, camouflaged animals, animal life cycle, what is in an egg, what do animals eat, bird feeder, and habitat diorama. This kit comes with reusable habitat stickers, scavenger hunt chart with stickers, a bug house, 12 miniature animals and much more. Plus, you get a colorful 20 page manual that guides you through every activity with lots of fun things to read. 

My son loved the widow cling animal habitats and animals. We played a bit of a game with them where he would shut his eyes and I would give him a random animal to place under their proper habitat. A few of the animals he had questioned because depending on the species, I guess some could be in different habitats, so we talked about that as well. We like that they are reusable, because even though he already knows them, he still likes to play with them over and over again. 

While my son did the habitat clings, my daughter did a few activities from the book. One of the activities was the "What Do Animals Eat?" where she used the animal figures included in the box to match them up with the kind of food they eat. 

The second activity she enjoyed was the "Life Cycle f Animals" activity using the included stickers. She learned the life cycle of an ant, frog, and a chicken. 

It's been raining non stop lately, so not many of our activities were able to be done outside. We did get a small break in the weeks long rain and storms to go out and put together our bug habitat. My son and daughter spent the day looking for the perfect sticks, leaves, rocks, and grass to put in their little domed habitat and then used the magnifying glass to find some bugs to include as well. The magnifying glass is actually getting a lot of use. They love looking at things up close, especially different leaves and flowers. 

These are just a few of the many activities, but the entire kit is perfect for summer and can be taken outside for fun in the sun as a family project. Some of the messier kits like water science and rainbow science are even better for outside fun this time of year. 

During the month of June, they will be releasing a new kit to celebrate their 20th year of kid-friendly science adventures! 10% of profits from The Exploring Oceans kit will be donated to a kit-themed charity that Young Scientists can choose from their website,

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