How Do You Keep Your Love Life About Love?

When it comes to dating, and finding a dream person you can settle down with, a lot of people in the dating pool can feel lost. You go on dates, and you send message after message on apps like Tinder, but you just can’t seem to find what you’re looking for. 

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You give all kinds of different people from all walks of life a chance; a chance to take you out somewhere nice, to dress up smart and use their most dazzling smile on you, and to hopefully help you glimpse a side of the real them. And honestly, you want to like them, you really do! But when the date is over, you end up feeling like a really bad person when you don’t feel a spark for the person sitting or standing across from you. 

People push themselves a little too far in the love game. Dating becomes an obligation. You lose your way. So, how can you help yourself stay on track? 

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You Only Say Yes When You Want to

‘Give them a chance!’ is something we hear all the time from our friends and family when we’ve been single for a little too long (in their eyes!), and they’re desperate to see us settle down with someone they deem worthy. Of course, the people in your life mostly want to see you happy; but sometimes, your best interests aren’t exactly at heart. 

They mean well, and you respect them for it, but it can get annoying. Even just mentioning someone who called you attractive as an offhand comment sparks their interest. 

Which is why it’s important to say no as often as you want to, and to only say yes as often as you want to. Don’t let yourself settle for something you think might make you happy, or your parents think could make you happy. If you’re really not that romantically inclined towards someone who likes you, let them down gently if they ask, and then just keep on going with your life. It’ll be a lot less exhausting on you. 

You Sprinkle it Through Your Big Days

We all have big moments in our lives, and if you have someone by your side who loves you and you love them in return, make sure you remind yourself of it during days like these. The person in your love life should make life much more enjoyable, and remind you of just how fun and interesting love can really be! 

Long work days? Ask your partner to text you little affirmations every now and then. Even at your wedding, if you’re going to have one, you should make sure there’s hints of the love and familiarity between you and your partner. Even the music can speak to both of your personalities, and you can go here if you’re aiming to have a live band play the both of you out during your last dance before your honeymoon! 

Some couples opt to try out couples counseling or therapy. A common misconception is that couples who go to counseling or therapy are in a bad relationship and are trying to fix things. This is not true. In fact, a lot of couples find that speaking with a professional can teach them how to communicate and strengthen their bond. One great resource for such help is

Remember, your love life should never be a drag.


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