Date Night In: Sensing More

Do we ever really utilize all 5 senses on a daily basis? Obviously we do, but we never really take the time to notice that we are doing it, or that they can really enhance every experience - including our date nights. 

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This month's Date Night In Box was slightly different than previous boxes in that this box didn't come with the typical newsletter that guides you through your date. Instead, you were prompted to go onto the website and listen to guided recording that includes instructions as well as music to help you through your date. The guided recording honestly made a lot of sense with this box since it was all about the 5 senses. 

Being perfectly honest, I listened to the guide a head of time and realized that this particular box wasn't really for us. It's just not the type of date we were really interested in. However, We did take some time to try out the tasting part with the caramels and we did utilize the wax melts, which were included as the "scent" portion of the date. 

The tasting portion of the date (and really the only part we did this month), involved taking the time to really savor the included caramels in 5 different flavors with not only taste, but scent. Some of these flavors were a bit wild, like basil cayenne, but they included the caramels, knife to cut the pieces into two, pens, and card where you can rate your experience with each caramel based on smell, taste, and timing. 

The Single Malt Scotch was my favorite based o both scent and flavor. His was the Black Sea Salt. I would have to say second favorite for both of us was the Dark Roasted Mocha. It really had a strong mocha scent, but the flavor was lighter than expected which kind of threw me off a bit. It was good. 

Among the other activities in this box was massage oil, which obviously will get used at some point, but this particular date night was a day date while the kiddos were at school. There was a puzzle that doubled as a mouse pad which was kind of cool if you ask me. And of course, there was an included menu for the meal as well as other online resources that are available for all of your date night boxes. 

Another interesting thing you can find on the site for this particular box are massage tutorials, which I think is a really great addition and can be used for any date night, not just this one.

I also want to mention that you can also add the "faith" feature to both the Date Night In Boxes as well as the Kids Night In Boxes. 

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