11 Ways To Create The Ideal Home Workspace

Creating the ideal workspace is something you should be concerned with if you ever work from home. You deserve a space that makes you feel productive and like you actually want to sit down and get to it, not a space you can barely stand to be in. Whether you work from home sporadically or all the time, the ideas here will help you to create the ideal home workspace. Take a look and see if there’s anything you can do to make your space more effective. 

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1. Choose A Room With A Door

A simple one to begin with; choosing a room with a door. That is, of course, if you have the luxury to do so. Not everybody will, so you may simply have to choose a quiet corner, invest in some noise reducing headphones and get on with it. However, if you can choose a room with a door this is the best way to make sure you can do your work without being disturbed. Especially helpful if you live with family or a partner who always seems to need your help finding their socks. 

2. Arrange The Furniture In A Way That Is Conducive To Productivity 

You don’t have to be a huge fan or follower of feng shui, but arranging the furniture in a way that is conducive to your productivity is a must. For example, your desk and chair should be in something called ‘the power position’. This is where you can see your door and who is entering your office, and you feel more in control. 

3. Make Sure Your Tech and Gadgets Are Right For You 

Tech and gadgets are usually an important part of your office in one way or another. There are probably many applications and pieces of software you can use to help automate certain processes and eliminate human error, so do your research to figure out what works for you. Even checking out this article on the best antivirus software could help to save you time and hassle when ensuring the longevity of your computer. 

4. Let In Some Natural Light

Natural light has been shown to increase productivity and mood in workers, which is why artificial light in the workplace is not recommended. If you can, keep those curtains or blinds wide open during the day to improve your productivity. 

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of Plants and Other Nice Decor Elements

Your home workspace does not have to look boring or cold and clinical. It needs to be a place you enjoy going to work, not somewhere you dread. Take the time to select nice decor elements. Plants can help to purify the air and bring in some nice color. Other elements could include flowers, paintings, pictures of your family, and anything else that makes your workspace look great. Make it motivational for you, so that one look around can help you to get back on track! 

6. Invest In Your Chair and Desk

If you can’t have your desk and chair in the power position for whatever reason, you should consider investing in a high-backed chair. The chair should be ergonomic so you don’t have to worry about back problems, and it should give you proper support. It should be something you enjoy sitting in. Studies have even shown that those who used a deck chair they found comfortable were 17.5% more productive! Don’t simply find the cheapest chair. A good chair will last for years and keep you healthy.

The right desk is also crucial, so make sure it’s the right height for you and that you have all of the storage you need. Some people who want to get more done at home even invest in sitting/standing desks. This is where you can sit down some of the time, and stand some of the time. Standing while working might seem strange, but it can keep you alert and help you to get more done throughout the day. It’s also much healthier than sitting all day - as you’ve probably heard, sitting has been called the new smoking! 

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7. Consider Storage Carefully

You’ll likely need some kind of storage in your home office. You might need storage for work, invoices, receipts, and other things relating to the work you’re doing. Make sure you consider it carefully - a filing cabinet might be useful, but it also might give your home workspace a clunky, office vibe. There are all kinds of storage options out there nowadays that mean you can still have a great looking workspace while staying organized. 

8. Pick Colors That Make You Feel Alert and Productive

Picking the colors that make you feel alert and productive can further help you to get more done in your home workspace. Looking at a color wheel can ensure you get it right, as well as researching the moods of colors. Each color carries a different mood. For example, red can give feelings of alertness, but it can also signal danger. Blue and green may not be your first choices, but they can help people to feel more alert, as well as tranquil and calm. 

9. Choose The Right Lighting For Later Working Hours

You probably won’t just be working during the day, so having the right lighting for later working hours is also important. Most overhead lighting is inadequate for work! Instead, look for table lamps. They can give a softer glow and make it easier for you to stay focused if you’re working later on in the day. 

10. Create A Comfortable ‘Thinking Space’

A comfortable ‘thinking space’ can be just what you need to take a break or mull over an issue that you are struggling to solve. Here, you can have magazines, paper to doodle, and anything else that will get your mind working on the task at hand. Don’t be afraid to include a blanket and a pillow if you like to have an afternoon nap. If you’ve got the room for it, it could be one of the best things you do for yourself! 

11. Hide Things You Don’t Like To Look At

Hiding things you don’t want to look at will make your workspace all the more enjoyable to be in. Hide wires, and even the printer if you don’t like to look at it!

12. Make Your Wellness A Priority

Working from home may sound dreamy, but that’s only the case when you’re able to keep your health and wellness as a priority. That could be as simple as adding a houseplant to your desk to purify the air you breathe, investing in an EMF meter to make sure you’re safe from all your electrical gadgets or just setting an alarm that reminds you to get up and stretch every hour. We all need a balanced lifestyle, and your wellness is part of that.


  1. Great article! I had back pain for years and I completely agree that having the right chair is a game changer. Keep up the good work!


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