10 Things That Only Moms Will Understand

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Being a Mom is the greatest gift that life can give you. You get to share memories - and a relationship - with a tiny (and then a not-so-tiny) human being that you and your partner have created yourselves. However, let’s not kid ourselves here. Parenting is a full-time job, and usually quite a stressful one.

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As a Mom, though, you learn a lot of things. In fact, being a Mother is kind of like joining a cult of stressed-out sleep-free women who also just get what you’re going through. And it’s nice to know that you’re not the only one, isn’t it? Here are 10 things that we all know and understand as Moms.

#1: Sleeping is a thing of the past

When you’re a Mom, you just accept that sleep isn’t something that you’re going to be getting much of anymore. Whether you’re being woken up at 3am by a screaming baby, or your kids just aren’t fond of sleeping in their own beds, get used to a duvet-stealing child in the middle of the night, because it’s probably going to be a regular occurrence. As Moms, we can only vaguely remember what a good night’s sleep is.

#2: Alone time doesn’t exist

Remember that time that you wanted to get a few minutes to yourself? When you thought that you had a brief shot at actually doing so, only to find that you can’t even have a shower without your kids opening the door, or screaming, or doing all of the above simultaneously? As a Mom, you just get used to the fact that getting some ‘me time’ in is objectively one of the hardest things ever, so you kinda just stop trying.

#3: You watch way too much kids TV

Being a parent means that you have to watch what your kids want to watch until the evening, and you’re pretty sure that you’re losing more brain cells by the second. You know all of the characters from the most popular kids shows, and you may actually be starting to enjoy them. You also only listen to the music that your children like, and you just accept that it’s probably just going to be one song on repeat. Sigh.

#4: Resistance to mess is futile

Having kids means that your house is full of toys, complete with crayon drawings on the walls and the occasional muddy footprint. As soon as you clean up some of this stuff, more mess appears, as if there is a tornado sweeping through your house. Guess what, there is, and it has the exact same name as your child. As a Mom, you understand that resisting this storm is one of the most futile things ever.

#5: You need hearing help

Kids, as we all know, have no awareness when it comes to the volume of their shrieking. Having a normal, civil conversation with an adult makes you think, ‘am I actually going deaf?’ As a Mom, you just get used to the fact that quiet - further still, silence - just doesn’t exist anymore. If you’re actually suffering from hearing problems, it’s a good idea to have a tinnitus evaluation. If you’re not, then you’re pretty lucky.

#6: That cake that you wanted to eat… it’s gone

When you buy food as a normal, kid-free person, you can be pretty certain that it’s going to be there the next day when you go to eat it. When you have kids, you know for sure that it’s going to be long gone, and you just have to embrace the fact that your children are going to eat pretty much anything, with the exception of fruit and most vegetables. You reluctantly accept it, or find out a new place to hide the food.

#7: You have many, many jobs

Not only are you a Mom. You’re also a personal therapist when anything goes wrong, you’re a taxi, you’re a chef, and you’re also going to be there to clean up that mess that your kids are most definitely going to make. It’s difficult, but you just accept that you’re going to be a jack of all trades, and a master of them all. This will change you for the better, but as we all know, it can be hard to spin all of those plates!

#8: School holidays are fun (for 5 minutes)

OK, so you obviously want to hang out with your kids when school is out. However, this means that the brief escape that you get from the chaos is now gone, and that you’re going to have to do full-blown-parenting for 6 extra hours a day. You love your kids, but you love them more when they go to school for a little while, you know? We all stock up on candy, and wait for that chaotic-ness to begin.

#9: Your bank account is too painful to look at

Your kids always want - and need - stuff. New shoes, new clothes because they’re getting too big, money for the school trip that they want to go on. By the time you’ve paid for all of these things, you’re looking into the void that used to be your bank account and wondering how you’re actually going to survive with 0 money. It’s like sand in your hands, and as you probably know, you just have to deal with being broke, Moms.

#10: There’s nothing better

OK, so we’ll admit it. Despite all of these things being true, there is nothing better than motherhood. You will laugh and cry with your kids, and you will watch them become amazing adults because of the time and effort that you’ve put into your parenting. They will make you laugh with their blunt statements, and you’ll feel all warm inside when they randomly hug you. Parenting rocks, and you never forget this.

There are some things that you simply won’t understand until you’re a Mom. You’ll sometimes wish that you could just get some extra sleep in, but apart from that, you’re pretty glad to be in the motherhood club. Enjoy it!


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