What Should You Do If Your Foot Is Ran Over?

It can be strange thing to happen to you, but getting your foot run over by a car or some kind of other vehicle is not so rare. Cars have blind spots, and if the driver isn’t paying attention they can reverse over a curb quite easily. Even more troubling is if you are on your phone minding your own business, not getting in anyone’s way but you’re not paying attention to the driver who isn’t paying attention to you. 

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This could happen in a parking lot where there are many people getting in and out of cars, as well as driving in and out of free spaces. It could also happen to you while someone is backing out of their driveway while you’re walking on the pavement. It could even be when someone jumps a red light while you’re walking the crosswalk. Here’s what you should do in the event of getting your foot crushed and ran over by a vehicle.

The tighter the better

The sound of your own bones being crushed is not very pleasant. The pain you feel is going to be instantaneous as there’s very little muscle mass in the foot to cushion the pressure. What you should do is immediately take your weight off your foot. The next step is to bandage your swollen foot as tight as you can. This is crucial for three reasons. Firstly you need to force your bones to not move anymore, as the rubbing of bone on bone and the dislodging of bone fragments into your flesh can make the bleeding worse. Secondly, you need to try and stem the blood flow so there is less chance of your foot or leg developing a serious blood clot. Lastly, it's less painful when you have extra support to keep your foot in shape and compact. And of course, get to a hospital as quick as you can.

Know the amount of pressure

Running over someone’s feet is not easy, there is some seriously lack of accountability from the person who drove over you. You should make sure to try and keep a clear head even while in astonishing pain, and get the details of the driver or car that did it. Then hire a skilled personal injury lawyer from this firm that specializes in personal injury claims. Some people might not think driving over your foot was a serious offence as it's an injury that isn’t life threatening. They might try to pay you off. Keep in mind that the health care costs from surgery will need to be taken care of by yourself, and you’ll also have to take time off work. Physical therapy might also be needed down the line. A simple check at the side of the road is not going to cut it. Keep the right amount of pressure on the driver to make sure you are financially taken care of so your foot can properly heal back to full health.

Getting your foot run over is not something that’s going to improve your day. When bones are crushed, they begin to fragment and cause more damage. Bandage your foot so the fragments don’t move and the blood loss is controlled at the same time.


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