The Nagging Pains You Should Pay More Attention To

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We’ve all got the usual aches and pains. No big deal, because they go away and come back every now and then. Most usually don’t progress to a furthered state whereby they cause real problems. More or less, they’re just a nuisance. Not all of the nagging pains should be given the cold shoulder however. 

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Some more than others can develop into something that is more chronic and begins to affect your way of life. But what are they? It's difficult to know what kinds of normal supposedly everyday pains you should be taking more seriously. They camouflage themselves so well with the others. Here are some to pay more attention to and prevent them from spiraling into something bigger.


The anterior tibialis 

If you go walking a lot with the dog, have a jogging routine or like to workout, you may have felt this familiar pain in your shin before. It's not quite in the calf muscle and it's not even the shin bone itself, but it feels like a pain on top of the shin. A pain at the sharp point of your tibia or shin bone, is usually caused by an inflamed anterior tibialis. This is the long thick muscle that rides the outside of your shin. When this gets stressed and tight, it can feel like a stabbing pain in the shin. This can lead to what is known as shin splints, whereby the bone is sensitive to pressure. If you have this recurring pain, focus on stretching this muscle. Put ice on the muscle when it gives you pain. Strengthen your calf muscle and try to get some better footwear to combat the problem.

Sticky and salty gums 

When you run your tongue over your gums, do you feel like they’re sticky? Don’t mistake this for dry saliva, if the gums also taste a bit salty. Bleeding gums are often raw and feel like this because there are many small wound channels. Over time, these wounds and holes will cause immense pain even when you’re not chewing. Contact a dentistry like Gulfside Periodontics that has services especially for gum disease. They will inform on you the basic and advanced forms of oral hygiene. If worse comes to worse, they can perform corrective and minimizing surgery that can realign your teeth and support the soft tissue structure of the gums.


A pelvic rotation

Do you feel like there’s a small pocket of air or knot in your hips? The pain this can cause runs down your hamstring which can be confused for muscle pain. This can be caused by a slight pelvic rotation which is a tightening of the ligament in the joint. If this is something that you feel, perform a hamstring stretch regularly to loosen it up a bit. Bodyweight exercises and workouts such as yoga can greatly help to prevent the pain from getting worse and possibly immobilizing you. Some nagging pains won’t nag you forever as they can become a thumping pain over time. The anterior tibialis is one such example whereby a normal stress pain can become a pain felt in your bones if not treated seriously.


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