Summer Vacation Books to Keep Your Kiddos Busy AND Learning!

Summer vacation is on our heels, and we will be traveling all over the place, having fun family adventures, seeing new things, and learning about the world around us. For kids, however, the travel from place to place can be long and boring. So here are a few books to keep them busy on those trips, and they might even learn a thing or two! 

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On The Plane Activity Book: Puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dots, and drawing activities

This fun activity book for little fliers will keep them busy while stuck inside a boring old plane. Make the flight a little more interesting by giving them some activities to do that will use all their senses and help them learn a little bit more about the airport, plane, attendants, and even the pilot. 

Play "I spy", write a comic book, take quizzes, and many more things that will keep children ages 3+ busy for hours. And bonus! No devices needed! This 64 page, full color book is a must have for your summer travels. 

Get Smarter: Super Fun Travel Activities to Baffle Your Brain

Whether you travel by plane, train, or automobile (Hilarious movie, by the way), this travel activity book will keep your kiddos brain busy and help you regain a little bit of your sanity on long trips. This book boasts 75 engaging and entertaining puzzles, challenges, games, and activities for children ages 6 and up. 

Crossword puzzles, mazes, word searches, identify the object and plenty more will keep you from hearing "Are we there, yet?" I'll admit, even I enjoyed flipping through this book and mentally doing some of the activities. If you do a lot of road trips in the summer, I highly suggest keeping this stashed in the car with a few pencils for hours of fun. 


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