Engagement Party Fashion for the Blushing Bride to Be

Wedding-related events start as soon as you become engaged, often with a party to celebrate your engagement. As you are now a bride-to-be, you will want to look your best for this very special occasion, and sometimes having all eyes on you can make you feel under pressure.

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You should forget about any rules or traditions about how you should look, and do not wear things that other people tell you to. This is your party to celebrate your engagement, and you should wear what you want to.

Glam Up With Lace

Some people think of lace as a tad old fashioned, but in reality, it can be really classy. Show what a special bride you intend to be by wearing a white lace strapless dress. Add some high impact accessories, such as gold sandals, and carry a gold clutch. 

The first thing people are going to ask to see is your engagement ring, and this will be more important at this stage than what you are wearing. Because quality is guaranteed with Tacori engagement rings, be proud to show everyone the addition to your ring finger. Once they have admired your ring, then they are likely to also admire the way you have chosen to dress.

Feminine Frills

For a retro look that is truly feminine and very fashionable, choose a cream colored dress that has a few frills. Pieces such as this are timeless, and although you will wear it for the first time at your engagement party, you will find other occasions it is suitable for.

Team it with some blush pink shoes and a clutch bag of the same color. Add some gold jewelry and you will have the perfect outfit for your engagement celebration no matter what time of day it is.

Thoroughly Modern

If you want to steer away from lace and frills for something that feels more modern, why not opt for a Moto jacket in white, worn together with a turtleneck top and a satin mini skirt. Add some black shoes and clutch for a really cool, chic look.

Forget The Dress

There is no rule anywhere that says you must wear a dress for your engagement party. You could opt for a lace jumpsuit, for instance, or some tailored trousers with a really special top. Sometimes the simpler an outfit is the better it looks, so team either of these with an unpatterned clutch and shoes. Add some sparkle with the jewelry you choose to wear, although you will have the best sparkle of all on your left hand.

You Make The Choice

When you are trying to decide what to wear to your engagement party there will be things for you to consider. Will the celebration be at lunchtime or in the evening? Will it be in your mom’s front room, at a local bar or at a post restaurant?

Whatever you choose to wear, the most important thing of all is that you are comfortable and that should your first priority.


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