Unboxing Degusta Box February 2019

Are you ready for another Degusta Box reveal? The February box brought us all kinds of goodies that are perfect for sports parties and in particular, the "big game".  

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Degusta Box has been our favorite foodie subscription box and unfortunately this past month we got the news that Degusta Box USA is going to be going on hiatus. This doesn't mean they are gone for good, just for now. I have no other details at the moment as to the reason for the pause in shipments or the estimated date that they may be back up and running, but for now this will be our last box. I know, we're sad, too. However, they did include some pretty good products in the February box, which was put together as a game day box packed with snacks that went perfect for Super Bowl Sunday.

I'm not going to lie, I shared a lot of the products in this months box. It's not that I don't like them, it's just that our pantry was stocked full and I'd rather share than have everything shoved to the back and forgotten. 

So this month they sent some classic guacamole mix, Pop Corners chips in Spicy Queso, Bean Smash containers (which are delicious bean dips), and Sourdough beer pretzels. All of these products would go perfect together if you ask me! And if you aren't particularly into sports, they still make great movie snacks. 

I've tried piri piri sauce before and it;s delicious as all get out, however this is the first time I've seen the packets like this. I'm use to seeing it in bottles. You can use it in just about everything that you want a little spicy kick to, but I always love it on chicken. Manitou Trading Company's truffle, Parmesan, & black garlic seasoning is fantastic. I've used this one steaks, pork chops, potatoes, and roasted veggies. It'll be a great staple once grilling season hits. 

PB fit peanut butter powder is a great smoothie mix in and I normally eat the heaven out of this brand, but I shared it this month. The person I shared it with actually said she would consider it in some yogurt, which I honestly never thought of and I think that sounds just as delicious! You can use it in just about anything, though, and that's what makes it great. My children devoured the heck out of the candy taco. So I guess it's safe to say that it ended up being the favorite item in this box. The taco itself is cardboard, but it's packed full of various gummies. Disappointingly, the gummies weren't shaped like taco ingredients and were just random types of gummies, but it was still a hit. My favorite item was the Emmy's Organics coconut cookies. They were so delicious! I had intended on melting some chocolate and dipping them, but I just ended up eating them the way they were and that was perfectly fine with me. 

So I guess this ends Degusta Box on Simply Nerdy Mom for now, but you can keep up with what's going on and when they might be back to shipping US boxes by following their Facebook page


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