How To Create The Ultimate Home Cinema

Every movie lover wishes that they could have their own home cinema. With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever before to replicate the excitement of a movie theatre from your lounge. Here are just a few ways in which you can turn your living room into a home cinema.

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Your TV

The first thing you’ll want to upgrade is your TV. HD is no longer the best quality resolution on the market – ultra HD has taken things one step further, giving movies a real life quality. Such TVs aren’t cheap, although they are getting more affordable. This ultra HDTV 4K buying guide can help you to find the best box for your budget.

As for the screen size, there are TVs out there that reach beyond 100 inches, however these tend to come with a high price tag, plus they’re only likely to be practical for certain homes. 52 inches is the optimum size for the average living room – unless you’ve got a larger living room and are able to position the sofa more than 10 ft away from the TV, there’s no point in going any larger as it will be too big.

Curved TVs are great for putting in the corners as they allow a full picture when viewed from anywhere in the room, as well as adding depth to the picture. A flat TV may be better against a flat wall, especially if you’re getting it mounted.

Your speakers

Surround sound speakers will help to give your movies that cinematic quality. There are now wireless surround sound speaker systems that prevent you having to trail cords around the room. This guide offers a comparison of some of the best wireless surround sound speakers on the market.

Another option meanwhile could be a sound bar which is designed to bounce sound around the room. Many people find these more convenient rather than having to find space around the room for multiple speakers.

Your couch

A comfy sofa is also a must. The right kind of sofa depends largely on your type of household. If you have a big family or regular invite lots of friends over for movie nights, a large sectional sofa could be best suited. Meanwhile, there are armchairs with cupholders and recliners for those that love watching movies solo. Don’t settle for anything cheap and rigid – you could find that splashing out on something brand new guarantees more comfort.

Your media collection

If you usually stream movies this may not matter, however if you like collect movies in physical form, you may want to consider an appropriate storage unit. This guide to the best DVD storage solutions could be worth reading.

A good quality media player is also important. There are media players on the market that can play multiple formats including VHS, DVD and Blu-ray, which could be worth looking into.


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