Harlow's Harvest Box

Harlow's Harvest is the newest food subscription box that's not only fun, but teaches life skills!

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I've checked out a plethora of subscription boxes for kids as well as foodie boxes, but I have to say that this one in particular piqued my interest for a variety of reasons. 

Harlow's Harvest was stared by a mother/daughter duo. The box aims to not only give families a way to spend quality time together, but it teaches children various life skills such as budgeting, shopping for ingredients, knowing exactly what goes into the food you eat, prepping and cooking skills, and much more. 

In your first box, you'll receive and apron and a collectors pin. Every box after that will include another pin to collect (think along the lines of scout badges). 

Each box also includes detailed recipe cards. These card will show you the nutrition facts, ingredients, tools you need, and step by step instructions. They are laminated as well, so no need to fear them getting all gunky and ruined if you spill something on them.

Each box will also have a cooking tool included that you will use for one of the recipes you will be making that month. For this box, we received a dove cookie cutter. I love how the instructions have photos and written instructions. My children are like me and are visual learners, so this is perfect! Everything is broken down into very easy instructions that even beginners of any age can follow along with. 

You'll also get some cards with lots of information pertaining to your box and subscription that will aid in the learning process. The Chef's Academy card has a fun skill checklist so your child can keep track of the skills they are learning with each box. There's a budgeting chart for ingredients so you can teach budgeting for a meal and utilize this as you shop for ingredients at the store. Bonus is that you can teach children how to count out money and pay for their groceries as well. This helps them visually see not only the ingredients that go into the meals that are prepared, but the work and money that goes into as well. All of course, are skills they will need to have as they get older and move out on their own. Another card is a "science project" card. This one is how to grow your own avocado! I am fully on board with teaching children how to grow their own food! We do a garden every year and our children are involved in the entire process, from planting the seeds, to harvesting and freezing & canning the fresh produce. 

For more information and to subscribe (highly recommend!), please visit https://www.harlowsharvest.com/


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