8 Reasons To Attend 3 Rivers Comicon This Year

3 Rivers Comicon is coming up on it's 4th year and this year's show comes with a few changes. I'm calling it now, this show gets better and better each year, and if you haven't attended before, this is definitely the year to come check it out. 

If you haven't heard of 3 Rivers Comicon yet, where on Earth have you been?! I'm just kidding, but in all seriousness, if you are looking for a comic convention with actual comics and comic book writers/artists then this is the con for you. We've been attending since year one, and it's always that one event that I get excited for each year.

New Location
I would say one of the biggest reasons this would be the year to check out 3 Rivers Con is the exciting new location! The last three years the con had been held in the Century III Mall. However, due to the mall's recent abrupt closing, the convention had to be relocated. The crew didn't just relocate to any empty spot, they definitely upgraded! The new convention will be held in the old Macy's building at The Waterfront in Homestead, PA.

Larger Vendor Floor
Along with the new address, they have also gained much more space than they previously had, which means a larger vendor floor area. Now they accommodate even more vendors than before, giving you more variety of artists/creators and businesses. Oh yes, more comics, more Pop vinyls, more artwork, more tshirts, more everything nerdy! 

Air Conditioning
A common complaint the last three years had been how hot it was inside the convention. This was due to the mall being close to empty and so the owners didn't really feel the need to keep maintenance up and run air conditioning to empty spaces. It's not overly hot during the month of May in Pennsylvania, but when you have that many people in one space, it does tend to get toasty. This new location has air conditioning! Hooray!

VIP Exclusive Beer Release Party
VIP tickets will not only get you into the convention on both Saturday and Sunday, but you'll have exclusive access to the catered beer release party and an exclusive collectible beer can. In previous years the beer came in bottles, but this year they are testing out cans and I'm pretty excited about it, myself. This year the cans will feature Mercy Sparx by Josh Blaylock from Devil’s Due Comics. The exclusive beer will be a Russian Imperial Stout brewed with maple syrup, whiskey aged oak and local coffee. The beer will be canned with an ABV of 10% and would be a great beer to age. The beers are always tasty, but I'm pretty tiny and don't drink as often as I use to, so these beers will (and have) knock me on my butt. But they are really good. Todd likes dark brews so I think the specialty beers will always be that way. I do remember the first year was my favorite. They give you a sample cup to try it out so you can actually keep your bottle (or can in this year's case) to take home. We have ours from previous years displayed in our curio cabinet. 

Get your tickets HERE!

Mother's Day Fun
Another new thing for the convention this year is the dates. The convention is now on Mothers Day weekend. So if you're a nerdy momma like myself, or know a nerdy momma, this is the perfect way to spend the weekend! Also, Sunday is Family Day at 3RC, which means the littles can participate in the costume contest, coloring contest, and all children under the age of 8 get in FREE with a parent or guardian. 

Activities Galore
In addition to the wide variety of vendor tables, the convention hosts a cosplay contest for all ages, guest panels, art auction, LARPing (role playing games) and much more to partake in, or even just hang around and watch. Plus, conventions are a great way to meet new people and meet up with others that you already know. So you can add making friends to the list of activities as well. 

Food and Shopping
The Waterfront hosts a pretty nice selection of stores and restaurants that surround the convention location. Everything is within walking distance or at the very least a very short drive, so if you need a bit of a break there are plenty of places to eat and shop at while in the area. Also, don't forget to check out the newest New Dimension Comics location where you'll find additional comics, games, and collectibles. 

Hotel Rates
Attendees of 3RC who need a hotel room for the night can take advantage of the convention exclusive rate. Springhill Suites Marriott is the exclusive hotel for 3 Rivers Comicon 2019, with a limited convention block rate at just $95 per night! So if you need a room, click here to book now, as these will fill up fast! I booked a room at the Holiday Inn right there at The Waterfront for a little bit more, but I wanted to be within walking distance of the store and convention so that's why we went that route. Trust me, the exclusive room rate is worth it, because it's hard to find a good hotel that close for that price. 

There's way more info than I can possibly share here, so for more, you can visit http://3riverscomicon.com, where you will find more about guests, schedule, and hotel info. Also, if you are in the area and are interested, you can apply to work for the con here

As usual, I'll be there all weekend covering the convention and beer party, as well as checking out the new store location! If you see me, be sure to come say hi! 

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