Unboxing Degusta Box - January 2019

It's a new year and if you are looking to try out a new subscription box, you should definitely give Degusta Box a try. You are sure to love it! Check out my unboxing of the January box below. 

Degusta Box is a monthly foodie subscription box packed full of delicious goodies for the whole family. Each month you will receive 9-14 full size products and sometimes you will get free product coupons, discount coupons, and samples as well. You will get to try out new items, brand favorites, and more for less that what you would pay in the store. Everything in the box will always exceed the price of the box, and you can always get sneak peeks and little hints on their Facebook page of upcoming products. And one thing I love the most about their site, specifically, is that they will give you a full photo of everything that has come in every box since they first started in Summer of 2016. 

By now, the folks at Degusta Box are aware that I love receiving cereal in these boxes. I've mentioned it just about every time one is included. So score for there being cereal in the first month of the year! And it's not just any cereal. This is Vitabella vegan and gluten free cereal. This crunchy cereal has a strawberry center and tastes great! My son and I just snack on it straight from the box, but obviously it's great in almond or soy milk as well. 

I have a thing for crackers. It's my go-to a lot of times when I want some sort of crunchy snack that isn't chips, plus they are handy to keep around for upset tummies. These olive oil and sea salt crackers are delightfully crisp with a light olive oil and salt flavor. They kind of reminded me of Saltine's only much better. Some afternoons I reach for 3 or 4 of these to munch on in between meals and it satisfies my snack craving. They are perfect for dips and cheeseballs, or throw some sliced meats and/or veggies on top and they are perfect no matter how you eat them. 

We use Sweet Baby Ray's sauces for just about everything. We are big fans of the Honey Mustard, Barbecue, and Buffalo Sauces already. I hadn't even considered that they didn't have a regular hot sauce until now, but low and behold they finally released one! This new Hot Sauce by Sweet Baby Ray's gives some serious kick to chili, eggs, meats, and whatever else you love your hot sauce on. 

I use soft tortillas a lot. Not just for the obvious tacos and burritos, but sometimes I'll roll some turkey and cheese in them, or make cheese quesadillas. But one of my favorite things to use them for is my ranch pinwheels. All they are is softened cream cheese with ranch seasoning, chopped carrots, and chopped broccoli all mixed together and spread across a soft tortilla. I then roll them up and slice into 1" sections and serve with salsa. I make them a lot for parties and picnics and they are always one of the first things to be obliterated by my guests. These particular tortillas are low carb, which fits my lifestyle, but I know how sometimes low carb products can be kind of gross and nowhere near their carb filled counterpart. These, however, were delicious! You cannot even tell they are low carb. My husband and kiddos ate my ranch pinwheels right up without a single thought because they had no idea I used low carb tortillas. So I will definitely be purchasing these often! Now I don't have to feel guilty about eating tortillas!  

So yes, like I said, I've been low carb for over a year now. However, potatoes are my ultimate weakness. Especially when it's mashed potatoes! I won't lie, I can (and HAVE) eat an entire package of these mashed potatoes by myself as a snack. I don't do it very often, but mashed potatoes are a major comfort food, so I allow the cheat every once in a while. At any rate, Idahoan is a favorite brand in our house and they have released two new flavors which we ended up loving (of course). I'm not a big bacon lover (don't come at me), but the smokey cheese and bacon were pretty good. My favorite of the two were the cheddar and sour cream, though. Roasted Garlic and Butter and Herb will always be my two most favorite flavors of theirs, though. Mmmm taters. 

I've actually worked with Lundberg Family Farms to promote their Organic Grounded Snack products before, so I've known of this brand prior to this box. I specifically love their rice cakes! However, up until now I thought they only offered savory flavors of their snack "chips" other than their cinnamon flavor, of course. Turns out, they offer this sweet vanilla chai flavor as well! And boy is it delicious! They are actually the perfect shape to scoop into some chocolate or frosting as a sweet little treat. 

I've tried almond butters before, and I just cannot get use to them. They really aren't my taste. However, we got these three sample packs of flavored almond butters in this box, and the dark chocolate actually sounds promising. I haven't decided what to eat it with yet to try it out; maybe a piece of toast, but I could be willing to give almond butter another chance. Maybe. 

These immediately jumped out at me when I went through the box after opening because I always loved rice cereal treats as a kid. I don't eat them much now because of the massive amount of sugar and calories in them, but these are like rice cereal treats improved by 100! These ones are strawberry and cream and cinnamon churro flavor and the flavoring in them is all natural. And you know what? It makes a huge difference! I'm not kidding. I was surprised by the real, authentic, flavors and by how sweet they actually were. I thought for sure they would be just a faint hint of flavor, but these really do pack a delicious flavor punch. Plus, they are Gluten Free! Upon doing some research, I find that they have different flavors of marshmallows (pumpkin, coconut pineapple, or hot chocolate flavors, anyone?), as well as mint chocolate chip rice cereal treats. 

I'll probably never say no to chocolate. Especially when it's smooth swiss dark chocolate covering crunchy hazelnuts. Oh man, was this bar delicious. 

The little cookie squares were a special little treat this month that I found were just the right size and were as delicious as ever. Of course, how can you even go wrong with hazelnut, chocolate, and cookies?! You really cant. Plus, they are really adorable! 

Intrigued by Degusta Box and want to subscribe (highly recommended!)?


  1. This subscription box is totally amazing. I am really intrigued to subscribe to it by looking at the brilliant variety it has to offer.


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