The Snerdy Update: January 2019

Ah yes, the start of a fresh new year! I already have big plans for 2019, and so far so good. Here's a bit about what's going on in my world this month.

I'll be honest, this month has been a little slow for me. Not that I'm complaining after the hectic fall and first part of winter that I had. We had a case of strep throat run through everyone in the house, which was definitely not a fun time, and we finally saw some stinking snow! I honestly hate snow with a passion and was perfectly content with the 40-60 degree weather we were having, but alas, it's still technically winter in Pennsylvania and I knew it wasn't going to last. 


It's time to set those Goodreads goals again, and this time I aimed a little higher than usual with a goal of finishing 50 books this year. I'm already off to a bad start when compared to last year. Last year at this time I already at least 3 books in. I'm currently on the second book so far, which isn't too bad, but I need to pick up the pace, and maybe get some motivation. I love to read, but sometimes I get serious burnout. I already went through a hefty blogger burnout back in November and December, but now I'm just too exhausted to read when I have any kind of time to myself. So this year's Goodreads challenge might actually be a legit challenge for me. So, we'll see. 

Currently, though, I am into a book a received as an Advanced Readers Copy a few months ago that I was just now able to get to. It's called An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen. Of course, it's already out in stores because it took me forever and a day to get to it. *sigh* I really need to reorganize my life right now. 


Speaking of reorganizing, I've been spending the month going room to room and boxing up unwanted and unused things to donate. I know everyone is currently into that Marie Kondo lady on Netflix, but I've been doing this for years. There's just something peaceful about clearing out things after the holidays, especially when you have children. I currently have 6 boxes in my bedroom alone just from cleaning out my own bedroom closet. This hasn't included the kid's rooms or any other room of the house. I lost 22+ pounds and decided to get rid of all my old clothes and buy new ones. I did keep one or two things "just in case", but otherwise, It was high time I went through everything. This is also the time of year where everything gets moved around and gets a thorough cleaning. Most people wait until spring to do this, but I try to have this done three times a year. 

I haven't posted much on here or on the socials lately, and the reason for that is because while my kiddos got over their strep throat, I've still been sick for going on three weeks. So this is also why this post is pretty short. Aside from sleeping, I haven't done much this month. Hope everyone is staying warm and healthy! Until next month, fellow nerds. 


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