Simple Ways to Eat More Fruit and Veg

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We all know that we need to eat well if we want to enjoy a long and healthy lifestyle but often, working out how to get everything we need in the meals we eat is more than a challenge. We are encouraged to eat convenience foods all the time. Fat, sugar and carbohydrates are often the main ingredients in the meals we buy and, inevitably, the meals we prepare ourselves. 

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Eating is the best way to build, maintain and love your body. Food isn’t just fuel, it is a lifestyle choice and a way to work towards the person you want to be without feeling that your body is wrong or worrying about your appearance. This isn’t about losing weight, it’s about having a healthy body.

So what is a simple way to eat more healthily? More fruit and vegetables.

Here’s how to make a few changes to your diet to include more.

Swap Out Carbs for Vegetable Alternatives

Potatoes, bread, rice, pasta - all of these foods are essentially just carbs. Though they are nice and filling at the time, they don’t really bring much more to the table. By replacing some of your carbohydrate portion with a vegetable substitute, you will still get the filling feeling and the joy of eating but with some extra vitamins and minerals on the side!

Try something like spaghetti squash. Simply add a lovely pasta sauce and a bit of cheese and you will find that you are just as satisfied as you would have been with a big bowl of pasta. Other vegetables work too such as courgette, carrots and pumpkin so investing in a spiralizer could be the best kitchen investment you ever make.

Snack on the Good Stuff

We are all subject to a culture of snacking. We work hard throughout the day, often working through breaks to get everything done. This means that getting a proper meal and time to digest is hard so we snack on convenience foods instead. Not good.

Though crisps and chocolate are easy to buy, fast to eat and give a quick boost, there are better solutions. Trail mix might sound like a boring combo of raisins and peanuts but this characterization is no more! Mixing and matching dried fruits and nuts is now a fine art and with the addition of a few chocolate drops or even some garlic powder and cayenne pepper, you could be on your way to a taste sensation.

Eat Salad With Everything

Salad is the best way to fill a plate with goodness. All those leaves bring you vitamins and minerals, not to mention fill you up enough to prevent you snacking later on. If there is one rule that you can follow to eat more veg and decrease your carbs, it is to add salad to every meal. Even breakfast.

Salad is great because you can switch up your flavour combos pretty easily, make sure that every mouthful is different and interesting and eat fresh every day. Greek salad, Caprese salad or just a good old Caesar salad will do - now go stock up on those leaves!


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