Make The Time To Christmas-Proof Your Relationship This Year

With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s time to look towards Christmas and the New Year. While these are times traditionally associated with great joy, they can also be the source of a great deal of upset, hurt and heartache. Not least because of the enormous pressure we feel to be happy and joyous around this time of year. The truth, however, is that the holidays are a very difficult time for a lot of people. For all the festivity, the revelry and the culinary excess. For all the glitter, tinsel, mistletoe and halls decked with boughs of holly Christmas can be tough on many of us. It can also be very tough on relationships…

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Christmas has a dark side

Many of us have less than flattering opinions of Christmas, especially those in a less than enviable financial situation, those who have lost family or those who deal with traumatic memories of Christmases past. The feeling of pressure to relax and have fun can only exacerbate the ill-will that some of us feel towards the holidays.

In our relationships, the holidays can actually be a very fractious time. It can fray even the steadiest of nerves and turn couples against one another. It can exaggerate upset and anxiety around a dearth of time or money. It can lead people to feel isolated and alone even when they’re hand in hand with a loved one. It can lead us to seriously consider Out-of-Court Solutions to legally dissolve our relationships. With this in mind, all couples must be sure to Christmas-proof their relationships…

Break the old routines

Because the festive season is so steeped in tradition, we feel the need to adhere to old habits and routines, even if we’re not sure why. Don’t be afraid to break old routines if they’re not working for you.

If your memories of the last few Christmas are logistical nightmares peppered with the odd pleasant and memorable moment, what can you and your beloved do to reduce the tedium while increasing the happy times?

Take the time to yourself that you need

While Christmas is a time for family and loved ones, you must never forget that you have needs too. Take the time to give yourself what you need over the holidays to be the best person that you can be. Whether this is making sure that you keep up with your therapy sessions even when you have family over, having the time to meditate and centre or simply giving yourself the time for a long bath and with a good book, if you neglect your needs over the holidays this will only exacerbate your stress and build resentment.

Watch your alcohol intake

Alcohol can help you relax after a stressful day of Christmas shopping, or it can unlock new heights of flavor in your Christmas dinner… Unfortunately, it can also be the match that lights a powder keg of repressed emotion. It can lead to or heighten arguments which could become psychological scars for your kids.

You don’t necessarily have to be entirely teetotal over Christmas, but it behoves you to be sensible with your alcohol intake.

If you take the time to Christmas-proof your relationship, the whole family will be better off for it!


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