Unboxing Degusta Box

November's Degusta Box is off the hook. This month's theme was "Movie Night" and each and every item is absolutely perfect for your family fun night, whether it's watching movies, playing games, or just spending quality time together. 

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You might notice that Degusta Box has undergone a few updates lately, with a new name, logo, and a redesign of the box itself. I did catch a post asking for opinions on a new logo color for Degusta Box, but I have to say, I really love the green because it stands out. There's still cute little drawings of food on the inside of the box, but these ones make me want to dig out my markers and gel pens and do some coloring! You know, maybe I'll do that with next month's box and post it!

I'm known in my house as loving coconut and peppermint candies. So these Pearson's patties were so perfect. They are both so good, and of course the peppermint ones are my favorite, but there's just something delicious about dark chocolate covering coconut. Even better is when you pop one of each in your mouth at the same time. Mmm, so good. And y'all, they are Gluten Free! 

Two things that go perfect together: chips and dip. We love PopCorners chips and they sent us 4 single serve bags along with Bush's Bean Dip. I have to say, I didn't realize until I started getting these boxes that Bush's makes so many different things. I guess I just thought they focused mainly on baked beans, but they have really expanded to dips and even other snacks. See, that's one thing about Degusta Box that I have not seen with other foodie subscription boxes. You'll discover a lot of new products, that you can actually find in your local stores, that are completely new or that you may have previously walked right by on the shelves. You'd be surprised how many brands I knew nothing about and am now a fan of thanks to Degusta Box. 

We also received a couple of sample packets of Nutiva coconut oil. We are already pretty acquainted with this brand because I've purchased a few jars of it before. We mostly use coconut oil on skin and hair, but I hear nothing but good things about cooking with coconut oil. These are perfect to use when you make popcorn! 

I got heart eyes when I pulled this Belgium chocolate sampler out of the box. You can't go wrong with assorted chocolates and these were decadent little treats. I'm definitely a fan! 

I'm just going to come right out and say it: I hate fruit cake. I did get this Mini Panettone cake in a previous box and did try it, but I just couldn't eat more than one bite. It's widely known that these things are either a love them or hate them dessert. I'm one of the people that could do without fruit cake of any kind, so we didn't even open this one and will probably take it into hubby's work for anyone of his coworkers that may want it. 

This was another item I just couldn't bring myself to try. I have a love/hate relationship with chickpeas. So I cannot really tell you how I feel about this one. I donated it. 

They did make up for the rarity of two items we aren't fond of by including a bag of Popcorn Indiana black & white drizzle (soooo good, guys!), and Wholesome Goodness Tuxedo Mix (also super delicious). So I guess we got a lot of chocolate this month when you consider that most of the items has some sort of chocolate to them even in small amounts. And listen, I definitely am not going to turn away chocolate. 

Intrigued by Degusta Box and want to subscribe (highly recommended!)?


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