Unboxing October Degusta Box

This month's Degusta Box is a little different, although not much. You see, Degusta Box has a new logo to match their "new" name. I'm not sure I would really call it a new name as they just split Degusta and Box up instead of it being one word. But don't worry! it's still the same great box we all know and love seeing on our doorstep each month.

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This month didn't really have a theme, per say, but I think a lot of these items are very "fall" items in my opinion, so in a way, they still sort of did meet a theme. 

I had no idea Bush's made anything other than canned beans, but apparently they have seasoned roasted chickpeas as well! I usually don't like chickpeas, but these ones are crisp and seasoned with sriracha and lime. They have a bit of kick to them, that's for sure. I don't know, I think they may have changed my mind of chickpeas. Maybe.

These Waffeletten Crispy Rolled Wafers were my favorite item this month. These very much remind me of waffle cones with the chocolate inside the cone tip. These didn't last very long in our house and now I need to buy stock in them. Hubby said he would love these in a big bowl of ice cream, and he's right, they would be perfect for that. 

We also really liked the Caramel Roca candies. I thought these would be chewy, but they are actually crisp. I guess because it's toffee with a caramel buttercrunch and almonds. They were really good and come individually wrapped in foils. 

I wasn't too sure about this item. As a matter of fact, I'm not even entirely sure how to pronounce the name of it. At any rate, this is a dark chocolate bar with a  chewy banana flavored chocolate center. The banana flavor is mild, but even just the hint of banana mixed with the dark chocolate was actually pretty good. My son loves bananas and he wasn't very fond of this, but he also doesn't like dark chocolate. So I think for us, this ended up being more of an adult treat because kids can be pretty picky about flavor combinations; or at least mine are. 

Welch's is always a house favorite. My kiddos and hubby fly through a box of these a week it seems. I don't really blame them though, as they are made with real fruit and this particular mix is the superfruit mix, which features pomegranates, starfruit, kiwi, and other juicy fruits and are absolutely delicious. 

Our family has always been Sixlets fans, but this is the first time I have ever seen the chewy Sixlets. Instead of hard coated chocolate candies, they are chewy fruit gummies inside a card candy shell. They come in various flavors, unlike regular Sixlets which area all the same, just different colors. I think my kids and husband still prefer the original Sixlets, but I liked the chewy fruit ones myself. 

Mmmmm peanut butter! So, realistically, I love peanut butter so much that I probably could have just ate these straight from the bag. I didn't though. I mixed about half a bag into some "Wolf Pup Chow" for our Hotel Transylvania 3 watch party. Wolf Pup Chow was just peanut butter and chocolate Muddy Buddies with these chips and some other candies mixed in. But I did use the rest of the bag to make homemade chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips, which went very quickly. 

We also eat a lot of popcorn in our house because we watch a lot of movies, and what better movie snack than popcorn, right? These Pirates Booty snack bags are actually really perfect for Trick or Treaters and you can get like 12 bags for $5 I believe. So I'd say definitely pick up a pack for your kiddo's class party or to hand out on Halloween. Then again, you could just buy a big pack and throw them in lunch boxes, too. 

This time of year we eat so much soup...a ton of it. One hearty soup we especially like is potato soup. So obviously we were pretty pleased to get some in the box this month! I didn't know Idahoan made anything other than instant mashed potatoes, so this was entirely new to us. It's a creamy soup that takes just minutes and you only need to add water. So if you are craving soup on a cold day, but are too tired or don't have the time it takes to make homemade, this is pretty dang close with minimal effort.

Oh TastyKake, we love you. My husband had been helping me open this box and saw the Kandy Kakes and started laughing because he thought they said "Mandy Kakes" which would have been funny since that's my name. But it also would have made sense since I love peanut butter and chocolate! I thought the PB and chocolate cakes would be more of a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and then chocolate icing on top of everything. It was a white cake, which was disappointing It was good, but not as good as I thought it would be. They ended up being my cheat day snack since I don't eat sweets too often. Hubby took the chocolate junior to work for his first break snack and he had no complaints. Then again, we haven't met a TastyKake goodie that we haven't liked even a little bit. 

I keep up with the Degusta Box Facebook page, and I highly recommend doing the same, because they always give fun hints at what will be in the next box and they have done a few giveaways as well. It's always fun seeing what might be in the box ahead of time, and next month's hint looked like peanut butter brownies or some sort of chocolate baked goods. 

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