The Kids Awesome Activity Book by Mike Lowry

We actually received this really fun activity book by Mike Lowry quite some time ago, and I finally have some real time to sit down and show a bit of it to you! Check out the newest book that has kept my pre-teen busy and her eyes off the ipad!

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As my readers know, books are a huge deal in our household. However, sometimes my kiddos need something a little extra to keep their attention and be able to use their creativity. My soon to be 12 year old daughter is kind of at that age where she doesn't really play with toys too often anymore, but she also is at that age where she wants to have her face in her ipad all day long playing games and watching Youtube. One thing I know can pull her away a bit is crafts and other creative activities. And it works! She will spend hours in her room coloring and writing in journals and such. This new Kids Awesome Activity Book by Mike Lowry has kept my daughter pretty busy with all the fully color illustrated activities that she finds interesting and fun. 

There are plenty of activities that will keep the kiddos busy, including pages where you find what's wrong with the picture, mazes, crafts, puzzles, and more. 

It's honestly no wonder where my daughter gets her love for things like this, because I grew up loving puzzles and activities like this, too. Matter of fact, I still do! 

I also really loved the pull out coloring poster at the back and the stickers. My kids also have my love for coloring and stickers, so this book really does have it all to keep kiddos busy. The best thing about it is that both my 12 year old and my 6 year old love this book and can do the activities in it. It's very gender neutral so you can gift this book to any child of any age. It also makes a really great travel book to keep those kids busy on a plane or car ride. We are definitely going to have to buy a few more of these to keep ours busy on our long drive to Orlando next fall!


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