Low Budget Ideas to Make Your Home Workspace Look Premium

Working from home may be convenient, but for some of us, we still like to be professional. Which is why a nice, professional workspace is important. Not only does it help us focus and get into work mode, but if you do video conferences, live streams, or even just filming or your Youtube channel, it's nice to have a clean, organized, personal space to do that in. So here are so tips to vamp up your home workspace for less. 

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With the widespread advent of high-speed Internet, a lot of changes have been brought about in the workplace. One notable change that has become prominently noticeable in offices and companies is the ability to expedite some of the work away from the actual office building. This is especially applicable to those types of jobs which require sitting and working on a computer like data entry and updating of office logs among other such database related work. Anyone can now sit at home and do all these jobs on their computers and then upload the required data when needed to the office servers remotely via the Internet.

Although such workers have the luxury of working from their own homes, a certain level of professionalism is still expected from them. These people cannot just sit or lie down on their beds and work at their laptops anytime they want, most such people maintain a separate workspace in their homes, like a small study or office room. They log in daily at a fixed schedule and work at their desks, just like they would do at any office space at an actual commercial office building. Not only does this help in concentration during work, but it also presents a better image for the employee in case of a sudden work call like video conferencing, when they have to obviously appear on camera and thus maintain a professional standard and look.

The only luxury and flexibility such as employees who work from home enjoy is the ability to modify and change the look of their workspaces anytime and every time they feel like doing it. The options available to them to give their home offices a makeover is huge, ranging from new, fancy furniture to fancy wall paneling, to the addition of unique decoration items to their office's spaces. Some of these tips and tricks to completely overhaul the look of a home office without putting a strain on your wallet are discussed below:

1. Giving a new look to the office furniture

One of the biggest advantages of having a home office or working from your own home is the ability to change any and every aspect of the office space without needing any permission or funding from the parent company. Although decorating personal office spaces in commercial office buildings is somewhat possible, it is heavily regulated by higher authorities and is also subject to allocation of appropriated funds by the administration. Often times the money provided is not sufficient to make the necessary changes that the worker might want. With your own office space, although it is not necessary to have a cap on the amount you can spend to modify or change the look of your working environment, there is no need to spend huge amounts of money to achieve your desired look and design. There are many easy and cheap ways to give a fresh new look to your office furniture. It can be as simple as giving a fresh coat of paint to your furniture or polishing up the wooden tables and chairs. An even cheaper, quicker but sure way of giving your office furniture a fresh feel is to change out all the tarnished and rusted metal attachments like handles and knobs. Within a few minutes, with just a screwdriver, you can really make a big yet subtle difference to the furniture in your home office.

2. Installing unique wall paneling

Although painting the walls and ceilings of a room is a sure shot way of giving the interiors of the room a complete overhaul, it is often times very difficult and messy, not to mention time-consuming and expensive. To avoid the mess, if you decide to hire professional help to apply the paint, the costs keep mounting up. So, the cheaper alternative to this is to use acrylic panels for walls and other such forms of wall paneling. These panels are cheap and easy to install. They do not require any heavy machinery, nor do they do any structural damage to the existing brick or wood walls of your room. These panels just stick on to the existing rooms of the wall and accentuate them, giving a completely fresh new look to the entire room. The best thing about these products is that there are also textured wall panels available, which give a unique and expensive look to your office space without burning a hole in your pocket. They are also very easy to clean and maintain and are overall a much better option than directly painting your walls or applying wallpapers.

3. Lighting up your workspace

It is a known fact that proper lighting can completely change the look of any space. So, to achieve a luxurious look to your home office, it is advisable to get rid of the standard lights and bulbs that are installed and buy a unique light fixture like led light wall panels or uniquely styled ceiling lights. In the absence of a big window or proper natural lighting, these artificial bright lights will work wonders. Flooding the room with nice, warm, soothing tones of light like a soft white glow or yellowish tint will not only make the room appear larger than it is, but it will also lend it a unique and luxurious look.


Through proper planning and use of unique and cheap methods like installation of decorative wall panels and good lighting fixtures, it is very easy and cheap to give a completely new and premium look to your office workspace. By following the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can take full advantage of the freedom and flexibility you enjoy by working from your home and in just a small amount of time, you can give a nice luxurious feel to your home workspace. And the best thing is that you do not have to worry about breaking the bank while doing these easy and cost-effective changes to your office.


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