Date Night In: Painted With Love

Here's the reveal for the latest #DateNightInBox!

The theme was Painted with Love and helps couples connect with a fun little art project that includes a matching dinner menu and list of movies to watch on your date! Read on for more!

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Our busy months are coming to an end...sort of. The Holidays are always quite busy, plus we have birthday's and anniversaries out the wah-zoo in the fall. However, our booked up road trip weekends are pretty much done. We went to our final convention of the season, and aside from a trip to the zoo with our kiddos and my nephews, most of our weekends are starting to free up. This means more time for date nights again! YAY!!

Last weekend we spent an exhausting three days in Baltimore. And while that was a great date night weekend away with lots to see and do, we are still recovering. Our Date Night In Box arrived a few weeks ago and because of press trips and other activities, we haven't had a chance to get to it. This weekend is our relax at home weekend, so we expect we can finally get it in!

This box actually speaks to us the most because both of us are very creative and artistic. My husband has painted for a living for years between his start painting vehicles and within the last 13 years painting, relining, and inspecting railroad cars. He also makes his own costumes and accessories for conventions. I am more of the traditional artist in that I love to draw and will occasionally paint on canvas and other home decor. Therefore, a creative, painting date night was an all in for us.   

The box came with everything we needed, although since we are already creative, we already have a lot of these supplies in our craft cabinet. Sip and Paint nights are really popular lately, but a lot of times, we hate going out in general especially when there is alcohol because neither of us drink too much anymore and we kind of aren't interested in that sort of thing. But this box was a paint & sip we could have at home with our non-alcoholic beverages while we snack on fun foods and watch art themed movies. I love that they have been including candles in the boxes lately and I hope they continue with that. They are a cute little addition to the night, and this one was pear scented and smelled fantastic! 

I also really love that they have included some snacks inside the box as well. The last few Date Night In menus that they included just weren't our taste, plus we usually have date night way after dinner is over and kids are in bed, so it was still nice to have a fun snack included. This month was rock candy, which I haven't had since I was a kid. My great grandmother use to make homemade hard rock candy and it was the best. So the snack this month was a bit nostalgic for me. 

I love the addition of the themed movie list in the boxes lately. When in Rome is one of my favorites and one we actually own, so that's our choice from the list. 

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