Boost Your Teen's Period Confidence

Period confidence in girls is very important. Periods happen and we need to teach girls that it's nothing to be ashamed of. In addition to that, we should also make it a little more manageable for them as well. Periods are a pain, both literally and figuratively, but they don't always have to be. 

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My daughter is turning 12 this year and we've already had the talk with her about her body changing. She's Autistic, so it's a conversation we keep revisiting because we want to make sure we have prepared her for when the time comes. 

I went ahead and purchased a few books I found on Amazon for her that are written in a way that is a bit more interesting to her as well as features colorful illustrations. This is great if you have a visual learner, but we also thought it was a good idea because she can revisit the material whenever she wants or needs to. I also have bought a few period starter kits for her and have started stock piling supplies so she's good to go when she needs the items. If you are looking to add a boost to your teen girl's period confidence, you should try this leakproof bikini underwear . One thing I think that is overlooked when it comes to preparing for a first period, or even when purchasing supplies for older teens, is leakproof undies. I think since they are a fairly newer product we tend to forget about them when we prepare our daughter's but I'm telling you, they go a long way in helping girls boost their period confidence, because let's face it, one of the biggest fears as a teenage girl (and even for us adult women) are period leaks. I made sure to buy my daughter a few pairs to keep in her period supplies and highly recommend them. 

We try to make it less scary for our daughter by putting all her supplies in a cute little basket or storage box that she can keep in her room or in the bathroom. In addition to the obvious added above, you can also add things like chocolates, midol, hot water bottles, comfy pajamas, books and magazines, raspberry tea (which is a great tea for women's overall health), and anything else you can think of that will help when your little girl becomes a big girl. 


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