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I'm that family member who gives books as gifts to all the kiddos in my life for every holiday and birthday. Honestly, I'm that family member who gives books as gifts even at random and for no reason at all. I love giving the gift of books because I am also giving the gift of magical places, lovable characters, and most importantly: imagination. I am pleased to say that Simply Nerdy Mom is partnered with Little Simon Board Books to bring you this amazing Board Books and Beyond Giveaway. 

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Reading is really important to me. It always has been, now that I think about it, but I've passed my love onto my children and it helps that my husband shares a love for reading as well. So yeah, the moment anyone of my friends or family members announces they are expecting, I am that person who single handedly keeps the baby's library full of books for years. I gift books for just about any reason. Actually, sometimes there's no reason at all, I just love gifting books! 

Since I believe a love for reading should be nurtured at a very young age, I really enjoy these colorful, fun board books from Little Simon. Each of them teaches important lessons along side easy to read text and adorably fun characters that your child will love. 

Little Simon Board Books sent us 5 of their newest board books to feature and I will be gifting them to my youngest nephew because I know he will absolutely love them. My favorite is the This Little Scientist book, which features the cutest illustrations of male and female scientists through out history. The Itsy Bitsy School Bus is a cute little book that would be great to transition your child into their first day of preschool because it's about a little bus going to school and is a twist on the nursery rhyme "Itsy Bitsy Spider" 

Celebrate the World: Dia De Los Muertos  teaches children about the holiday Dia De Los Muertos with vibrant illustrations and is the second book in the Celebrate the World Series that features different holidays and cultures around the world. 

Teach little ones to how to use their inside voice with the adorable Wee Beasties: Roary the Lion Roars Too Loud and Hello Knights will teach kiddos about fun, unexpected friendships. 

About Little Simon Board Books
Little Simon board books make the perfect gift for all of the young readers in your life!  With cute and creative illustrations, accessible and engaging stories, and the perfect size and durability, these books are great for new parents and for reading aloud.

These fun series teach important lessons and concepts through adorable characters, interesting stories, and hilarious creatures!

Want to start your little one's library or vamp it up a little with some new books? Enter below to win 5 Little Simon Board Books plus a $50 gift card for you to buy even more books to add to your library (or maybe even a fun shelf and accessories for a little reading nook)!


  1. My favorite book growing up was Where The Sidewalk Ends By Shel Silverstein.

  2. My favorite book was The Giving Tree

  3. I liked the Berenstain Bears, especially the "Spooky Old Tree"

  4. When I was a kid I loved The Babysitter's Club.

  5. My favorite book growing up was "where the sidewalk ends" I always loved the off the wall stories.

  6. The Little House on the Prairie collection.

  7. I always loved The Little Prince and Harold and the Purple Crayon.

  8. My favorite book was The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Although I like to joke and say it is Yurtle The Turtle as it is the best book out there on the art of stacking turtles.

  9. Where The Red Fern Grows was my favorite.

  10. Charlotte's web!


  11. I loved all of the Nancy Drew books when I was growing up and read them over and over.

  12. It's so hard narrowing down a favorite, since I was a total bookworm! Out of the classic picture books, I know I loved ones like Where the Wild Things are, Make Way for Ducklings, Madeline, etc. Then when I started reading novels, my grandmother had a huge collection of vintage Nancy Drew books that I loved. I also really enjoyed books by Jean Slaughter Doty and Mary O’Hara.


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