Turtle Beach Recon 200 Multi-platform Gaming Headset

We are a family of gamers; all 4 of us. Although, I don't game nearly as much as much husband and kids because I'm o busy with work and the household, but when I do find the time, I enjoy both PC and console gaming. We own a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 that get a ton of use. Not to mention both kiddos have iPads that they play games and watch videos on. That's a whole lot of gaming go on all at the same time! So headphones are a must! That's why we are big Turtle Beach fans.

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My husband has owned a few pairs of Turtle Beach headsets through the years and he is a huge fan. His previous pair was the Titanfall set and he was definitely due for an upgrade. Which is why when I was contacted about trying out the newest set, Recon 200, we were very excited.

The Recon 200 is a multiplatform gaming headset which has gotten rave reviews from my husband. The kiddos have used them a time or two since we've received them, but my husband definitely uses them the most. He plays a lot of Fortnite and Destiny 2, so he uses a headset to communicate with his friends in his game party. As a matter of fact, he loves this headset so much, he's done nothing but brag to his friends about how great they are. I'm pretty sure he's convinced them all to go out and buy a set themselves.

The headset has a durable metal reinforced headband with comfort padding and my husband said they are the most comfortable pair he's ever owned. He absolutely loves the flip up mic, which can be muted quickly and easily by flipping it back up. We also really like that the newer mics do not have those foam pieces on the ends because with previous headsets, those foam mic covers would get ripped or lost and the mic were difficult to speak into well enough to be heard. With the Recon 200, you get variable mic monitoring where you can adjust the volume of your voice inside the headset so you know you won't have to shout to be heard by your teammates. 

The high quality 40mm speakers are louder and better than previous models with amplified sound that produces crisp highs and thundering lows. With the bass boost, you will not only hear the bass, but you will definitely feel it, too, making you feel like you are right there in the game, especially when using this set with the Xbox One, because they are surround sound ready! Immerse yourself in those games even longer with the amazing 12 hour battery life! Once the set needs charged, you can just plug it into any standard USB port. We found that this set also charges quickly so it won't be long before you are back in the game. 

They lay flat so you can store them in smaller spaces. My husband likes to keep his in our entertainment center on top of his Xbox and it fits in that small space nicely. It's also right next to where he charges his controller batteries and he can just plug the headset in to charge right along side the batteries. It's wired in that it plugs directly into your controller, but the distance you can travel around your house and still be connected is pretty wide. Sometimes he will take a break from his game and go outside on the porch. He can be outside on the porch with his headset and controller and still be having conversations with his teammates and friends. 

My son can easily wear them while playing the Nintendo Switch. He can just plug it into the headphone jack and he's good to go! This is the same with his iPad. While he doesn't really need the mic because he mostly just plays Super Mario Odyssey, he's always liked to mimic daddy and have the mic down. I even have a photo of him when he was 2 wearing daddy's old set and pretending to play Xbox. Silly kid.

Believe it or not, these fit his head rather well! I thought there would be an issue in sizing from adult to child, but I barely had to adjust these to fit him after my husband wore them. So they fit little heads just as well as an adult. Both of my children have sensory issues, so wearing headphones happens a lot in our house even when we aren't gaming. For instance, when we are having parties or large gatherings, they like to have them on to muffle the sounds a bit. These are great for that! The padding is comfy on their ears and head, and while you can still hear outside sounds, it's not going to over power your game or video volume. 

My husband kept telling me "Make sure you give them a good review because these things are AWESOME!" Both hubby and kids have given these 5 stars and two very deserving thumbs up. So they come highly recommended by some of the best gamers I know. 

You can pick up a set in either black or white for just $59.95 on Turtle Beach or Amazon.


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