September Degusta Box Unboxing

Summer is almost over, but this month's Degusta Box was keeping the season of picnics and road trips alive with a box packed full of snack goodies. 

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Most of the items in the September Degusta Box were snack foods. Which is actually kind of perfect if you are looking for things to pack in the kiddos back-to-school lunches and snack bags. This box was especially packed. I think they put a lot more items in this one than usual, but maybe it just seems that way since they were individual packages. 

Now, my family looks forward to these boxes every month. As a matter of fact, they get pretty excited for any packages they see come to the house because they know momma gets a lot of goodies to share with her lovely readers. However, I think out of everything we get, Degusta Box is their favorite, because who wouldn't love a monthly delivery of new and favorite yummy food, drinks, and snacks?

This box came on a Saturday while everyone was home, so I had to hurry with the photos. As is usually the norm when opening this box, I know that if I don't snap photos as I'm taking things out of the box for the first time, that I won't get any pictures at all because my family will full on attack it. My husband and kids loved sitting around the table, helping me taste test everything and giving their thoughts on each product. 

This brand is new to us, but we have always loved wafer cookies. For some reason they just remind me of being a kid. My entire family loved these Bauducco Wafer Cookies in chocolate. I had a couple with my coffee one morning and my son took a few to school in his snack bag, but these didn't last long. The only con to these is that they do go stale pretty quickly, so put them immediately into a zip bag or sealed container to keep the air out. I do wish they would make these packages with a zip top or something built in to keep them fresher. 

I don't eat chips all that often anymore unless it's the occasional salt & Vinegar Kettle or nachos/tacos of some sort because I just don't have the taste for any other kinds. But even I have to admit that these Better Chips Jalapeno & Cilantro is delicious. They have that perfect chip crunch, but are shaped more like a cracker so you can not only dip them, but add toppings. They are whole grain, which I love, and if I remember correctly from reading the packaging, they are vegan! I know that some people are disgusted by cilantro, and you can definitely taste it in these, but I paired mine with sour cream and a little salsa and the cilantro blended with the other flavors rather well. 

We (well, my husband anyways) eat a lot of Chinese food. When I actually do partake in an order he places, I usually get something spicy like Kung Pao Chicken, so we were excited about the kit that came in the box from Marion's Kitchen. The only thing we had to add was the red peppers, oil, and meat (we used chicken). It's incredibly easy to prepare, and you can adjust the spiciness by determining how to put the dried peppers in. I fried two of them up whole in the oil prior to adding the chicken (as per the instructions), but if you like a lot of heat, cut the peppers up before you fry them. My husband was eating this as well and he's not one for spicy foods so I toned it down a bit for me. My kids don't eat this at all so they had something else. Overall, we really enjoyed it. 

We also got a tube of Tiger Tail Mustard and I'll be honest, we haven't tried this yet. I didn't want to open it because we somehow have 4 bottles of mustard already open in our fridge. We don't even eat a lot of mustard so I'm not sure how that happened, but here we are! 

When I saw a zero calorie, zero sugar energy drink in the box, I was ecstatic! However, I wasn't diggin' the Marquis Organic Energy Citrus Yuzo drink at all. My husband tried it and felt the same way I did; it wasn't for us. 

The kids already love Fruit to Go so they snatched up the two strawberry ones that were in the box, and hubby snatched the BBQ Almonds. These were delicious! I think he single handedly housed the entire bag in two days, but I don't blame him. They had a nice crunch to them and were a great light mesquite BBQ flavor. Nothing too sweet. We will definitely be picking more of these up for sure. 

I personally don't eat processed meat sticks too often in general, and I know these are more organic, but I just couldn't bring myself to try these out. Especially since the flavors just didn't sound appealig to me. So the two Mighty Spark chicken sticks went to work with the hubby for his health nut, gym owning coworker. 

Potatoes are my weakness. If I'm eating any carbs, it's definitely potatoes that make me cave. I'm always a fan of Idahoan instant potatoes because they are quick and easy to prepare. And yes, okay, sometimes I actually make these just for myself as a lunch or cheat day snack. They have a variety of flavors last I checked, and you can always mix other things into them (Bacon in the four cheese? Yes, please!). It's been a while since I've bought instant potatoes, so I completely forgot that you don't even need butter or milk for these. Which means you can totally take these to work with you. As long as you have water and something to cook them in (obviously), you're good to go! They taste like homemade, real potatoes so no one at the dinner table will ever know! 

The Garden of Life Gol Bar was another pass for me and ended up going to hubby's coworker as well. Not that I don't love me some dates and cashews, but I hate protein bars. I have tried so many and have yet to find one that I could finish because I just can't deal with the taste. So I had to release this one to someone else. 

I did keep the chia shots, though! I haven't decided if I want to put these in my yogurt or smoothies, or if I want to use them in something else entirely, but I'm looking forward to experimenting with different things to pair these with. I think I may share with my cousin, too, since we are on the same page with our healthy lifestyles. 

I've heard plenty about PB Crave, but this is the first I'm getting to try it. These are spreads, so naturally you automatically go to sandwiches or toast, but since the flavors are chocolate chip cookie dough and sweet & dark chocolate, these are going in my vanilla smoothies! 

I love coconut so I kept the GoCo crunchy coconut bites for myself. Of course, my son tried some because he loves coconut, too, but we are really the only ones who do. These are a great snack alone, but, and I feel like a broken record here, this is another thing that can be added to smoothies. 

I'm not a fan of chickpeas or "cheese puffs" so I passed on these as well. My son loved them and he was happy to take them off my hands. We've had the white cheddar before, but this is his first time trying the hickory and I'm surprised he actually really liked them! Of course, he loves barbecue sauce, but he's picky about flavor combinations and textures, but he was okay with these so that's a win! 

I keep up with the Degusta Box Facebook page, and I highly recommend doing the same, because they always give fun hints at what will be in the next box and they have done a few giveaways as well. It's always fun seeing what might be in the box ahead of time, and next month's hint looked like peanut butter brownies or some sort of chocolate baked goods. 

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