Fall Fashion Haul with Pink Basis

Recently I had the opportunity to work along side Pink Basis for a fun Fall Fashion Haul. They provided me with a set budget and allowed me to shop their site and choose some great products to feature. 

Sample was received at no cost for promotional purpose. All opinions are that of Simply Nerdy Mom. Please see my privacy policy for full disclosure and more information.

Obviously it's still technically summer, but hear me out. For most of us who love Fall, we look forward to September because it marks our favorite time of the year is nearing. Yes, it's still hot as heck outside during this time of year. However, it's never too early to start shopping for your Fall wardrobe because that crisp Autumn air comes quickly. 

I shopped mostly sweaters, but also grabbed a nice coat and two pairs of boots. The budget was $150, so in addition to seeing what kind of outfits they offer, I also wanted to see exactly how much you could get for under $200. And let me tell you, I managed to get quite a bit. So if you are looking to update your entire wardrobe for a pretty good (in my opinion, I know everyone's budgets are different) price!

I love to layer, so I looked for things that were good for that. I also feel that this is totally worth it because not only are you able to wear these items for Fall, but they can carry over into your Winter wardrobe as well. So, if you live where its cold for 6-8 months of the year like I do, you'll get a lot of use out of these items.

I love all of these sweaters. The only one I wasn't thrilled about was the cream colored one with the bell sleeves. It just didn't look right on my body shape and I think the sleeves could have been a bit longer. It looked great on the model on the site, though. The boots I am wearing was also apart of my haul! I think they are now my favorite boots and I would love to get something similar in brown as well. 

All of the sweaters/shirts (because I guess I did buy two regular shirts, too), fit nicely. Initially when I received them and tried them on, I wasn't sure about them. However, after seeing the on me in photos, they actually don't look too bad and I ended up loving them. They are all pretty well made and will keep you warm. As a matter of fact, on the day I did this mini photoshoot, it was in the mid to high 80's outside. Oh the things I do for my readers! I endured wearing heavy, thick sweaters in the middle of the summer heat to bring you this Fall Fashion Haul. But at the same time, I don't mind it because it was fun and I have been bragging about how great these clothes are for weeks. 

Because it was so hot outside, I didn't get a shot of me in the coat that day or a shot of the second pair of boots. The jacket I purposely ordered larger than I normally wear because I was thinking ahead to when I would actually wear it and wanting it to fit nicely over sweaters and layers. So at the moment, I'm swimming in it, but come winter, it'll fit nicely with my bulky clothing underneath.

The boots are so great! I wear boots quite frequently and I love that these can be worn with skinnies, leggings, shorts, or dresses & skirts. So these can be used all year as long as you treat them with something so they don't wear down quick from the weather. I know you can buy boot spray. I need to pick myself up a can for that reason.

For these, and many more affordable fashion items to update your wardrobe, check out Pink Basis. They even have Halloween costumes!


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