Date Night In: Dream Together

Boy has it been a long, busy month! It was nice to see another date night show up in the hustle and bustle of things, and August's Date Night In theme is Dream Together. Here's what was included in the box.

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It's been one of those month's, you know? We spent a lot of the time preparing for back-to- school and trying to get back into a routine. It's also the second "purge" season of the year where I go through the house and reorganize while getting rid of things we no longer need/use. When you have kids, this ends up being a lot of things because they grow out of things so quickly. 

I've also had to take a few mental health weeks because my anxiety was over the top. I think my husband always knew of my anxiety, but he never got to see it so bad until he had to leave work to walk with me to take my son to his bus stop because I was having a crippling panic attack that ended up exhausting me completely the rest of the day. 

On top of that, within the last few days, I somehow came down with, what I can only assume, was the worst case of food poisoning. Hubby rushed home on day two to try and drag me to the hospital to get checked out, but I'm stubborn as all get out and wanted to stay home to try and get some much needed work done. I didn't, of course, because it's hard to work when you're that sick. We are going on day three and while I feel a tad better and was actually able to move enough to shower, clean a room or two, and go out with the in-laws for dinner, I'm still in slight pain and have little to no energy. 

So yeah, needless to say, at this point I really need a date night and luckily, August's Date Night In Box was still waiting for us to open it! 

August's box was all about sharing your hopes and dreams for the future with each other. Hubby and I have done this previously a long time ago when we were still dating. So it's been maybe about 13 years. We sat down together and filled out an "All About Us" book, which I actually still have. So obviously 13 years is enough time for things to change a bit. Obviously our dreams for our future have changed a bit since we have already reached a number of goals we had set in our relationship and individually. So this month's box was a nice little update to a date night from our past. 

There was a Scattergories type game to play together and they included another candle in this box, which is always a favorite of mine. Who doesn't like to set the mood with some candles?

They included a snack for couples to share, which in our case, goes to my husband because I don't eat jerky too much anymore. I do make one exception this time of year, and that's venison jerky, but otherwise, I stay away from the stuff. Not that hubby minds because he loves getting date night snacks all to himself. 

They provided two double sided cards where you can each write your short term and long term goals, plus a blank card to write your dream list. Where the short and long term goal are an individual thing for you to compare, the dream list is for you to work on as a couple. These can be hung up so you are reminded of them and can cross goals and dreams off of your list when you accomplish them. 

There was also a kit to make a dream catcher. I'm not kidding when I say we already have 6 dream catchers in our house. I'm more of the crafty type than my husband is so we just passed this craft onto the kids, which is okay because they love it. 

I'm still so stinkin' exhausted from the month of August and the beginning of September, but having date nights really helps. He takes really good care of me on my good days, but especially on my bad ones and date nights help me open up to him more, since I'm not really one for being too open with how I feel a lot of the time and will often just say "I'm tired" or "nothing" when he senses and asks what's wrong. These date nights have been good for not just us as a couple, but individually. Besides all that, it's always nice to just have fun with one another. 

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