Unboxing: August Degusta Box

It's time for our favorite foodie box! August's Degusta Box definitely did not disappoint and this month, my husband took a lot of items in to work with him to share with co workers, because sharing is caring after all! 

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This month had a lot of items that would be perfect for those last summer road trips and camping because a lot of it was snacks or easy ad quick lunches. I've cut back on my carbs and sugars a lot the last few months (and lost 12 pounds!), so I've been sending a lot of things into work with my husband for his lunch or snack break at work, and the guys he works with loves it, because a lot of times, he shares with them, too. Which is great for me, because I also get plenty of opinions on the items to post about here on the blog. 

I do want to point out for other subscribers, that a lot of times, they will send out items based on your Degusta profile, which means some months half the subscribers will get a certain item and the other half will get a different item. This is typically the case with beverages (for instance, if you say you don't drink coffee, they will send you tea or juice instead), but not always. This is only a sometimes thing. For the most part all boxes are exactly the same, with the exception of flavors of some items. My boxes are always the "influencer" boxes which means I get both of the "special" items to test out for you. This was a split campaign box. 

They provided two drinks in my box this month. I have to say, I usually am not into cold coffee, but I absolutely loved the Cold Brew High Brew Coffee in double espresso! It was a little stronger than I am use to, but it was a huge help in keeping me from falling asleep halfway into my day. As my daus get busier with school starting soon, I think I will definitely be buying plenty more of these to keep in the fridge and grab on the way to the bus stop each morning. 

Another thing that surprised me this month was the protein water. I am a huge water drinker. As a matter of fact, aside from the occasional unsweetened tea or "desperation coffee" (as I call it), I only drink water either flavored by True Lemon products or sparkling water like Bubly. I also really love grapefruit. However, I just couldn't drink this stuff. I could tell there's protein in it. As a matter of fact, after taking a drink I looked at my husband and noted that it tasted like a beefstick that someone squeezed a grapefruit onto. He took a sip and then fully agreed with me. My son liked it enough to drink half the bottle, but that had been enough for him. Overall, not my favorite. 

I've never seen these anywhere, so I can only assume they are new from Wise potato chips. These are Bravos Stadium Nacho Chips. We love nachos and we tried out one bag at home (which we loved) and my hubby took the other to work with him for his first break. 

The chili sauce was one of the split items in this month's box. The boxes either had this or breakfast biscuits in it. Since I get the influencer box, I got to try out both items. We actually liked this chili sauce! My husband loves the green beans at our local Chinese restaurant and one of the ingredients in the sauce that they cover them in is a sweet chili sauce. This was perfect because we ran out recently. So I guess we will be making my husband's favorite green beans again. 

I know I mention this all the time, but we certainly love our popcorn. We watch movies a lot as a family, and the perfect movie snack, of course, is popcorn. So we always enjoy getting to test out new (to us) brands and flavors of popcorn. This Popcorn Indiana bag was great! Not too much salt or butter, but still excellent just like movie theater popcorn! 

I stopped buying Pringles a long time ago because I just don't like the ingredients in them. I wish more brands would use the containers like that though, because it keeps the chips fresh a lot longer. I hadn't known about The Good Crisp Company until now. They make the crisp chips that are similar to Pringles, and in a pop top can, but they are a lot better. BY FAR! We got the Sour Cream & Onion flavor which were excellent. I also like that they are gluten free and the ingredients are much better than in your typical greasy potato chip. Definitely win in our house. 

I'm actually glad I got a chance to try the breakfast biscuits in addition to the chili sauce, because they ended up being my absolute favorite thing in the box! They were crisp, but not messy and had just the right amount of berry flavor to them. You get three biscuits in a pack and 6 packs total. I mostly ate one biscuit in the morning and saved the other two in my pack for lunch or a snack later on. They are low calorie and kept me good up until dinner time. I'll be stocking up on these for sure. 

My husband took the Maple Pecan Glazed Mix from Sahale snacks to work with him, and they were his favorite item in the box! He loves the sweet and salty mix and wants to find more of these. 

The PR Bar went to my husband's co worker who is big on health foods and working out. He enjoys protein bars (we don't), and he liked this one. 

I was pretty happy to get these ginger chews as well! We had previously got crystallized ginger from the same brand in a different box. These are absolutely perfect for those days when I have a bit of an upset tummy. They sooth it and while ginger is typically pretty potent, these have a bit of a powdered sugar coating along with lemon, so they are a little sweeter. 

I'm a breakfast person. I don't typically eat breakfast, but I love breakfast foods, especially cereal. I liked these new frosted chocolate strawberry Shredded Wheat cereal, but I wasn't overly excited about it like I was last year when they send the pumpkin flavor (hint hint, Degusta Box people). My kids loved these though! They especially loved that the cereal kind of turned their milk chocolate strawberry flavor so they didn't waste the milk and drank it when they finished their cereal. 

The Country Archer Pork Bar was another item my husband too to work for his break and he really liked it. He's much more into the meat sticks and bars than I am, but he loved this and it was really convenient as well. 

The last item wasn't included in the box per say, but they did include a card for  Tigertail mustard. I didn't order mine because we currently swamped with various jars of mustard in our fridge. I'm not even kidding. I don't know how we ended up with so much. 

At any rate, this was another great box, and after a while with this company, I can honestly say that there has never been a box that we haven't enjoyed. Even when there are items we don't eat or care for, we have always found someone to share with or donate to who does enjoy it. 

Intrigued by Degusta Box and want to subscribe (highly recommended!)?

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