The Little Red Kit: Girls Period Confidence Kit

Parent's of preteen girls are going to have to face it. Eventually we are going to need to be prepared for their first period. Make it a whole lot easier on all involved with a Little Red Period Confidence Kit!

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My daughter is turning 12 this year and going into 6th grade. She's the same age I was when I got my period for the first time. No matter how much my mom talked to me about it before hand, I was still unprepared. I was to be at a friend's birthday party that day, but ended up spending the day with my cousin at my grandparent's house. Luckily I was close to home (well, my grandma's home) instead of the skating rink like I originally planned to be! 

Because I know what it's like to be caught in that situation where you get your first period and are completely unprepared, I want to try and do better preparing my daughter for it. For us, things are a little different though. Our daughter was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum when she was two. So sometimes we have to explain things slightly different, which is why I knew when this time came that I was going to need a bit of help.

We did buy her The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls for Christmas last year, which is a pretty decent book about just becoming a teenager in general and deals with changes (physical, mental, and emotional), friendships, school, and the usual teen girl things. This kit, however, comes with a little booklet that specifically focuses on getting your period and learning more about your body. It might be a little less overwhelming than the full book (which I still recommend, but I would wait and incorporate that after you have already given her this kit and had the talk). 

Honestly, this little kit is so cute and perfect. Not only do you get a handy little info booklet written in a way your daughter will definitely understand (it's illustrated, too!), but you get extras like a fun reversible bag, two pink hair ties, a sticker card with the web address to check out more info, and they even include a period resources booklet for parents as well. 

In addition to the fun extras, of course you get a sampler pack of pads which include two different sizes. 

This can be a scary time for girls and parents. We hope that we can prepare them enough to not be frightened of the changes and be ready when the time comes. My daughter already knows how to apply the pads to her panties because we have practiced lots of times. She already knows what it feels like to wear one, because we have had her do this as well. She's also been carrying a tiny purse with a pad or two and an extra pair of period panties in it for a year. She has left it in her backpack at school, but she has known she has it with her if she needs it. I'd like to think that we've got everything covered, but I guess we won't know until it happens. The Little Red Kit helps ease us all into it and it can also be incorporated into a much larger period kit with maybe some magazines, chocolates, hot water bottle, raspberry tea (great for women's health!), and whatever else you think your daughter might like to have during that time. 

For more helpful information, you can also check out The Period Blog, which is great for parents, tween girls, and even teachers.

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