Syunsoku Shoes For Kids

Most kiddos are officially back to school and that means new school gear. Since my daughter is now in junior high, she has gym class two days a week instead of just one, which means her shoes are going to get lots of use! She was really excited about these shoes from Syunsoku that we received earlier in the month. 

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 Not only are the Syunsoku shoes for kids really cute and come in a variety of styles and colors, but they are great for active young ones. They are Japan's number one selling kids shoes and it's pretty easy to see why. All of their shoes are made to last and support healthy growth of your child's feet. 

My daughter decided to keep the gray and pink ones for gym class days. She's told me how great both pairs of shoes are to run in and that makes sense since these are made to have really great support and bends with the foot a considerable amount while still holding up. The design also prevents your child's foot from moving around in them and have plenty of toe space. 

My daughter's favorite ones (and admittedly mine, too) are these Cinderella style white shoes with all kinds of sparkle and shine to them. Very fit for a princess! She decided to wear these ones for the first day of school. 

Another thing about Syunsoku shoes is that depending on the size category (they have from baby to big (junior) kid - my daughter is turning 12 and we found sizes and styles that fit her), The shapes of the shoes change to accommodate your child's growth. This includes wider toe area, height to fit thicker toes, heel height for balance, and width to fit wider feet.

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