My Favorite RivalGlam Products

I always love trying new products, obviously, but I especially love when I get to try out products made by strong, independent, boss babes. RivalGlam is everything, because it features these types of products. 

RivalGlam is an influencer marketplace that features products from some real boss babes in the industry. These female entrepreneurs, are influencers in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and RivalGlam features their fabulous products all in one place. 

I was lucky enough to receive a package from RivalGlam with a few thing that they feature on the site and prior to them reaching out, I had never heard of RivalGlam or any of these products, but after spending a good deal of time trying them out, I am definitely a huge fan. 

Everything came beautifully packaged for me, especially the Twila True products. Those came in one of the nicest boxes. I actually still have the box, but I haven't decided what exactly to do with it. The Twila True products are all equally as amazing on their own, but when you combine them, they are like heaven to your skin. All products come in either fragrance free or a light plum scent, which ends up being more floral than fruity and I love that. It's truly a perfect scent and when layered with the other products, isn't at all overpowering. You can see a much more in depth review of each product in my video below. 

The Evelyn Lozada signature rose gold hoops earrings are to die for! I don't wear hoops too often because I just got use to being a little minimal with two children, but I am obsessed with these! I wear them almost every single day and have got numerous comments on them. They are gorgeous. In addition to the earrings, you can also find rings featuring the same beautiful butterflies that are on the earrings. Everything ties together rather well. 

In addition to skin care products,earrings. and rings, you can also find layered necklaces, nail polish, Lip stick, lip oil, scrubs, and even gorgeous handbags that you can interchange the straps. 

While you are shopping RivalGlam, you can learn more about each of the influencers (or "glammers" as they call them) who's products are featured. 

Sample was received for promotional purpose. All opinions are that of Simply Nerdy Mom


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