Adult Game Night: New Games For Your Next Party

I'm all about family game nights, but sometimes us adults need some fun time, too. So I was excited to receive this package of fun new adult games to try out with friends!

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Now, I feel like I should give a disclaimer that these aren't just any adult games. These are the type that you probably don't want to play with family and friends who are easily offended. That being said, it's pretty hard to offend my family and friends. We are a.... well, we are a bunch, I'll say that. 😂

Tossed Salad: Admittedly, the name alone is hilarious to myself and my childish friends and family. But this game is much like a dirty charades, except that you don't act out words and you can talk. Essentially you are just trying to get your group to guess the word on the slip of paper without actually saying the word. You can give descriptions, but not the actual word. There are blank slips to write your own as well. They are different colors, but those aren't just for looks. The orange ones are probably the worst ones, followed by dark green, and light green are the less offensive. At least this is how they were perceived in my group. I literally cannot show any of the words on these because I try to keep my site family friendly with the exception of some personal posts, but I always write disclaimers for those. There's no way to prepare my family friendly readers for what's on these slips of paper. I'm not kidding. 😂 My cousin and I were texting each other when this showed up and I started to text her some of the words. Turns out, there are many words in this bowl that we actually had to look up on Urban Dictionary because we had no idea what they meant. Either we are too old for this game, or too prude (which I doubt is the case, trust me on this one). We were laughing pretty hard at this one though. Great drinking game, but make sure the kids are at grandma's for the night when you play this one. 

True Colors: This is one of the two games we received where you learn a little bit more about your friends than you probably wanted to know. But boy is it fun! You read a question card and cast your vote as to who in the group fits the description the best. Guess whether you will get some, all, or none of the votes, and if you guess correctly, you score for that round. There are 10 rounds and the player with the most points at the end, is the winner. This one is actually for ages 13 and up, so if you have older children, they can play along. It's probably one of the rare adult games that isn't too awful so you can certainly play with family as well. 

Shit Happens: This one has been around for quite some time and even has a kid friendly version. This one definitely isn't the kid friendly version though. For this one, players rank situations based on a predetermined timeline of how bad those situations are. For instance, is your pone falling in the toilet worse than finding seeing your father naked? My husband and I were actually pretty surprised by some of these. There are a lot that we personally felt would be worse than others and they weren't ranked as high. If you guess the correct ranking for 10 cards, you win the game. There are also expansions to this game so you can keep it going. One set you can purchase comes with 100 additional cards. This is just the basic set. 

Friend of Faux: This one is similar to True Colors, although it's a little more revealing. You score points by answering revealing questions about the other people in your group. You can call "bullshit" on answers as well. There are 5 sets with increasingly revealing questions on them. Set 5 being the worst of them. So if you are playing with people who are offended easily, maybe cut out deck 4 or 5. You can easily play this with two players, so Date Night Game? Maybe? I guess it depends on your relationship and how open you are with whomever you play with. This is also great for bachelor and bachelorette parties! This one is definitely NOT kid friendly, however, they are releasing a kid friendly version which I'm actually pretty interested in because what better way to get your kiddos to open up and learn more about them than a question and answer game. 


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