Welch's NEW Superfruit Mix

It's back-to-school time again! This packed lunches, after school snacks, and quick snacks while on the go from one activity to the next. Welch's Fruit Snacks have you covered for all of those things. 

Welch's has always been popular in my house. My kids eat them on road trips, midday snacks, after school snacks, in their school lunches, and pretty much any time in between. Welch's Fruit Snacks are made with real fruit and that makes them juicy and tasty to both kids and adults. My husband loves them, too!

Welch's has just released their NEW Superfruit Mix! As always, they are made with real fruit and are gluten-free! These are sure to catch excitement when your kiddos find them in their lunch boxes this upcoming school year. 

The new mix comes in five fun shapes full of the juicy, delectable flavors of 
  • Pomegranate-Passionfruit
  • Starfruit-Kiwi
  • Dragonfruit-Blackberry
  • A├žai-Blueberry
  • Goji–Apricot
The flavors all go really well together and aren't overly exotic, but are still a unique mix outside of the normal go-to fruit snack flavors. 

Welch's Fruit Snacks come in 10 varieties with packaging options to fit your needs. 

  • Apple Orchard Medley
  • Mixed Fruit
  • Berries 'n Cherries
  • Strawberry
  • Island Fruits
  • Tangy Fruits
  • Fruit Punch
  • Concord Grape
  • White Grape Raspberry
  • Mixed Fruit Reduced Sugar
  • Superfruit Mix

100% DV Vitamin C
25% DV Vitamins A & E
Fat Free
Gluten Free
No Preservatives

You can find a 10ct box online and in your local grocer, Walmart, Target, and where ever snacks are sold. 

Sample was received for promotional purpose. All opinions are that of Simply Nerdy Mom.


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