Unboxing July DegustaBox!

July's DegustaBox was full of fun goodies that are perfect for road trips and cookouts!

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This month's box didn't technically have a theme to it, but there was still an unofficial one if you ask me. Does that make any sense? At any rate, this was probably one of my favorite boxes to date (next to the breakfast box, because I am a breakfast gal). There were so many snack items that are perfect for road trips and a lot of items you could use at summer cookouts. I actually ended up making my hubby a huge bag of snacks for him to take to work with him and his co-workers loved it.

This month they sent one of my old favorites in a flavor I've never had before. I remember when I was a kiddo, my mom would always buy bags of Caramel Creams and we would eat them all the time. On the rare occasion that I have a hankering for candy, it's usually the Caramel Creams that I reach for. DegustaBox sent these Chocolate Caramel Creams. My kids loved these. I split half the bag between them and the other half my hubby took to work to share with the guys. I'm not sure if this is a completely new item, but none of us have ever heard of the chocolate ones before. Which ended up having us thinking how great strawberry ones would be.

They have sent Loacker items in past boxes so we already knew we loved them. These are the Loacker Cocoa & Milk wafer cookies. They were so good! 

I was really excited to see a bottle of the Sir Kennsington Chipotle Mayonnaise! They sent a little jar of this before and I loved it so much. So this month they ended up sending it again and I was so happy to see a larger bottle. Plus, it's a squeeze bottle with a flip top, which is easier to use than the tiny jar they sent before. We've also tried the Uncle Dougie's products twice before, too. This is the Small Batch Barbecue Sauce, which we ended up using on baked crispy wings the other night. It's really good, but I'm more of mesquite barbecue person. This one is a bit sweeter than I prefer, but it caramelized on the wings perfectly and my children devoured them. 

Believe it or not, I've never had Plum Sauce so this is completely new to me. I imagine it would be great for chicken and green beans over rice, but they sent a rather nice size jar. 

Mmmm Cheez Doodles. Wise Cheez Doodles are the only cheese curls I will even attempt to eat when the mood strikes me. These ones are the extra cheesy so you get those perfectly orange fingers from the cheese dust. My kids and husband loved these. 

So, I'm still on the fence about Matcha. I have had and love Matcha Pocky and it's really popular right now so I was interested in trying more of it. These are little packets of Matcha tea which is sweetened that you can add to smoothies and make lattes with. I hate warm milk, so I wasn't fond of the Matcha latte. I do, however like it in smoothies, and I did try it in just some hot water (like a normal tea) which wasn't bad. I'll be experimenting with this a little. I split the bx up between myself and my cousin so we will see what else the two of us can come up with.

The last item in the box, I sent to work with my husband for his break time snack. It was a Chomps Turkey Stick. I don't eat processed meat sticks, but my husband loves them. He said it was really good, so there you have it! 

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