On Cloud Wine Coloring Book

It seems that anymore, part of being a mom, is being obsessed with wine. Heck, wine just seems to be the "thing" lately in general. Not that there's anything wrong with that! As a matter of fact, my entire dining room and kitchen is wine and grapes theme, so this coloring book was definitely right up my alley and I think all wine lovers will enjoy it. 

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I use to be really into wine. I'm talking like one glass a night and maybe an entire bottle on a bad day. I don't drink much anymore now that I am about that healthy body and mid life, but I still love wine and grapes as a theme for pretty much everything, as evidenced by my entire house being Tuscan theme and specifically my dining room and kitchen being scattered with wine racks, ivy, grapes, and wine themed canvas prints. I don't know why, but it's my favorite theme. So yes, of course I was going to love a wine themed coloring book! 

This book reminds me of my little "on the phone" doodles that I would fill sketchbooks with. It's filled with cute, simple illustrations that are super fun and quick to color. I much prefer these types of  coloring books most days to the real intricately detailed ones. Sometimes the more detail in a book, the more it stresses me out, and who on Earth wants to be more stressed out doing something that is supposed to relieve stress? Am I right? So in addition to the cute doodles to color, there are also fun little sayings that I can totally relate to. So as I'm coloring I'm like "Yas, girl!" 

The pages are one sided and let me praise that, because I hate double sided coloring book pages where, if I chose to use my markers or some gel pens, I am wasting a perfectly good coloring page because of bleed through. Also, realistically, you know I'll be ripping these out and using them as decor, right? Of course! Why wouldn't I?!

While I may have cut my wine consumption down to about one glass a month (usually date night or a holiday meal), I am obsessed with this coloring book! And, I can enjoy this type of wine all night long and not suffer for it in the morning! Total win/win! 

On Cloud Wine is available now. 

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  1. (On Cloud Wine Coloring Book) I would enjoy coloring in this book, I do love my wine. :) :)


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