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Summer is my usually my second busiest time of year. Actually, I'd say it's tied for first with fall into winter. So I normally don't have the time to sit and read much. But you know, I have vowed to change that this year, because I just don't take enough time to do what I really love, and that's enjoying a good book.

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I am known for mostly reading YA books, and a lot of the books I tend to gravitate towards are horror, thrillers, or mysteries. That's not saying I don't read other things, that's just what I end up enjoying more. So that was another goal I wanted to set for myself this year - to read more books outside of my favorite genres. This first book I received for my summer reading is one of those books not in my normal genre. 

Author Alex Nicollet Delon wrote Leaving You...For Me as sort of an autobiography. The reason I say sort of, is because it doesn't highlight her entire life, just mostly her life after leaving her narcissistic, verbally abusive, cheating snake of a husband after 40 some years of marriage. It chronicles her getting her life back in order and trying her hand at the dating scene in her mid 60's. 

The story is great and absolutely well written, but being only 33 and married for 12 years, I just cannot relate to a whole lot in this book. I truly don't think I'm the target audience for this book. Although, I can say that her struggle with her ex was (unfortunately) all too relatable for me, having had the man that was in my life before my husband be a verbally abusive alcoholic who was constantly in bed with other women. It was like I was reading a page from my own diary when she described her ex husband and all the things he use to say and do to her. However, since I was still pretty young when I went back into dating and such, I just cannot relate to much else. I will say that her struggles are something that I have mulled over when I think about what I would do if my husband leaves me a widow while I'm still at the age where I don't want to be alone for a few more decades. I think it's an empowering book for any woman just getting out of a very long commitment where you struggle to come to terms with how others will react to your choice. Alex proves that you eventually suck it up and realize you can get through it and you can take back control of your life. 

The second book on my summer reading list is Uncorking A Murder by Micheal Carlon. Uncorking A Murder is merely one book in a series. It's the first book, who's ongoing character Farrah Graham, the host of the podcast Uncorking A Murder, is searching for a topic for season 2. Something that will really reel in the listeners and have them at the edge of their seats. This is when a retired detective contacts her, pitching a case he had previously worked on before retirement. The story could cost Farrah her life, though, as she starts to untangle a web of conspiracies that involve a CEO who's a bit of a narcissist and a senator who will obviously do what it takes to keep secrets buried. 

I liked this. I have this thing about books in a series. I try not to read them. I want stand alone books mostly because I just can't keep up with the releases. Take for example the Darynda Jones Charlie Davidson novels. I love those books, but I think they are on book 13 now, and I've not read past book 3. Another example was the Pretty Little Liars books. I got through all 8 and cheered myself on...until the author released more long after the series had first ended. So, I guess this ends up being goal number three this year. Which is, try to read more books that are a part of a series. I think I drastically limit myself because I'm picky, but I also think I am robbing myself of good reads such as this one. I read reviews saying it's comparable to Gone Girl, and yeah, I can totally see that. 

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