Family Game Night Roundup III

Our July Family Game Night Roundup is here! Check out all the fun games we have been playing from Goliath Games this month.

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This month, not only did we get to play a couple old favorites and a newer hit game, but we actually had a chance to test out three new games that will not be released until this August! Plus, they are giving 3 lucky readers a chance to win those three new games in family game night bundles!

Lucky Ducks

Lucky Ducks is actually a game I remember from the 90's. My brother had this game back when it was made my Milton Bradly. It's had a few changes through the years. For instance, back when it was first released, the ducks were a hard rubber and were fairly large. It also included 4 colored lily pads to place 3 ducklings on and you played specifically by the colored circle under the duck. The last few years, the ducks are more harder plastic instead of rubber, and they are much smaller. They also did away with the colored pads, and instead you collect the ducks based on colored shapes that are on the game itself. Game play is exactly the same, though so it's still super easy to play. I babysat my two little nephews recently and the youngest one who just turned two was over the moon with this game.

Pop The Pig 

This game is new to us, although we've saw plenty of commercials for it. So my kiddos were excited to get to try it out. You take turns rolling the dice to see which color burger to choose. Each burger has a number on the bottom and that is the number of times you push on the pig's head after you feed him the burger. The person who "pops" the pig, wins! This is another game that my two year old nephew loved. Although, he just got a kick out of feeding the burgers to the pig. He couldn't have cared less about his belly popping out. My 4 year old nephew and both of my kids, ages 5 and 11 love playing this game.

Let's Go Fishing

Let's Go Fishing is a classic fish catching game. I remember playing something similar to this when I was a kid in the 90's. It's really easy to learn and play and the kids just love trying to catch the fish, who's mouths open and close. Our game came with a bonus set of Go Fish cards, so it was a two for one! Little ones really love this one and it helps teach them their colors in addition to hand-eye coordination.

Domino Junior Friends

Domino Junior Friends is one of the brand new games being released in August. It's not really a game, but what kid doesn't love setting up and knocking down dominos? This particular set includes cute, well made dinosaurs that you can stack the dominos on and around, plenty of colorful dominos with thick bases that help them stand better, and it even includes a spacer so you can equally space each domino! 

Pop Rocket

Pop Rocket is the second new release and one my kids are obsessed with. This game includes an adorable little rocket that hosts a large star as well as tiny little stars inside of it. You then pull the little string and take turns rolling the dice to place little star catchers around the rocket. Basically the idea is to catch and collect the stars that pop out of the top of the rocket. This one is a bit of a mess, but holy smokes, the kids are obsessed with it! They get a good laugh out of the rocket popping because they never expect it, especially when the stars go flying up into the air.


iTop is the third new release coming this August and initially I hadn't expected my kids to really care about this, but they play with it a lot. It's a top that electronically counts it's spins with an LCD display on the top of it. While this technically isn't really a "game" either, but it does have little goals for you to try and reach. We are still messing around with it, but it keeps my kids busy for hours. They challenge each other to see who can get it to spin the most times because it will tell you what the top spin count is. The handle also folds down so you can stick it in your pocket and take it with you as well.

Come back to Simply Nerdy Mom on Wednesday, August 1st, and enter to win this amazing Family Game Night Bundle from Goliath Games!

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